Career Center Enrollment Process

Enrollment for fall begins in March of the previous school year.

Enrollment in the Jackson Area Career Center begins with your local high school counselor, who can determine if the Career Center's programming will fit within a student's schedule.
To enroll, students must have enough credits to qualify as a junior and/or are on track to graduate on time. There is also an age cap consideration, and enrolled students can not turn 20 on or before the first day of school (those that are over the age cap can seek Adult Enrichment options.)
The Jackson Area Career Center does not offer full-day programming, and participating students must choose either the morning or afternoon session.

Home schooled students may enroll directly through the Jackson Area Career Center by contacting Robin Hammer (Ph: 517.768.5169).

You can access the necessary Enrollment Card here. Once completed, the Enrollment Form can be given to your local high school counselor.

Who is eligible:

Students working toward high school completion and who live in Jackson and surrounding counties and who will be in 11th or 12th grade.  Special Ed. students must have an IEP, and a Career Center representative must have attended their meeting.

Need help deciding which class is the best fit for you?

See attached list of classes with Success Indicators. These are recommendations/suggestions to follow when placing students in classes, and students often do best in these classes with the identified characteristics.


 Deanna Johnson - 768-5162 - deanna.johnson@jcisd.org

daVinci Michigan Center           
Jackson TA Wilson Academy

Paula Freehling - 768-5168 - paula.freehling@jcisd.org

Hanover-Horton East Jackson
Vandercook Lake

Tricia Blair - 768-5114 - tricia.blair@jcisd.org
Northwest                       Napoleon
Robin Hammer - 768-5169 - robin.hammer@jcisd.org
Concord Grass Lake
Lumen Christi Out-Of-County
(please note there is a tuition cost $1,250/semester for out-county students)
Jackson Christian
Home Schooled Students
Jackson Learning Lab JPEC