Jackson County Cradle to Career

Connecting Education and Employment

It takes all of us!  Get involved!
Learning does not start and stop with the school day. It takes place all day and in every corner of a child's life. To truly prepare a child for today's world, it takes ALL of US!

Cradle to Career (C2C) is a cross-sector network where community members in Jackson County, Michigan come together to support a shared cradle to career education vision. 

To be successful, our children need a world-class education and a caring support network - at home, at school and in their community. Supporting a child's success from "Cradle to Career" is a job for the entire community.

Are you interested in joining a Cradle to Career Action Team?

Fill out the form below, or Contact the C2C Coordinator, Irene LeCrone at ilecrone.c2c@jacksoncf.org, (517) 787-1321