Jackson County Intermediate School District

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Inter-District Delivery Service

The JCISD Inter-District Delivery Service saves local districts postage costs with pick-up and deliveries between school districts, and selected public institutions in and around Jackson County. The service includes mail, packages, supplies, items purchased via the REMC purchasing co-op, media materials, books, computers, and audio-video equipment for repair -- all at NO COST for local districts. For more information, contact: Al Rogers
Delivery Services

  ***  Please note, if a school does not have an item to be delivered on its delivery day, the truck will not stop at the building unless notified of a pick-up.  Please use the contact numbers below to arrange for a pick-up.***
IMPORTANT! If your mail needs to go to a school building other than the superintendent's office, you must label your piece/s of mail with the school's name along with the Delivery Code. The JCISD only makes deliveries to the superintendents' offices (some schools have exceptions and are listed below). 
Note: If you would like to see the entire schedule press submit. Otherwise select a school from the drop down list and click submit to see the delivery information. If you would like to search with different criteria, please refresh the page to start a new search.

Delivery Schedule