Jackson County Intermediate School District

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The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) 
   of the Jackson County ISD    
Purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee
The purpose of the JCISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is to ensure the views and interests of parents of children in special education are heard in a collective and collaborative space with JCISD Special Education administration. The PAC provides input at the Intermediate School District (ISD) level, which is often focused on input of the ISD's Plan for Special Education Services.

Interested in Joining the PAC? 
Each local school district may nominate up to two members, which are then approved by ISD Board of Education. The ISD Board of Education may appoint additional members to make sure that the major impairment categories are represented, so please reach out to the contacts below to learn more about joining the PAC! 

PAC Meeting Schedule
The JCISD Parent Advisory Committee currently holds three business meetings each year, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary for special projects or other types of unique circumstances.

Please join us for our next meeting! Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 12:00 noon, in the Lyle Torrant Center Smart Room 

Contact Information
If you want more information about the work of the PAC or how you can join, please call 517-768-5256, or through one of the following:

            Maureen Keene
            Director of Special Education Services
            Phone: 768-5258 / Email: maureen.keene@jcisd.org 

PAC Resources 
Brochure (coming soon!) 
Supervisor Contact Information

Looking for additional Special Education Resources?
Visit the Michigan Alliance for Families website