Jackson County Intermediate School District

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The Jackson County School Improvement Network
Helping Schools Meet MDE School Improvement Requirements

The Jackson County ISD provides support for School Improvement teams in understanding the state and federally mandated school improvement process, developing school improvement plans for their building, implementing those plans for continuous school improvement, and filing the proper documentation.

State laws (PA25 and PA335) require each building and district to send completed school improvement plans and annual reports to the JCISD to be kept on file. School Improvement 3-5 year plans should be updated yearly and submitted in Assist by June 30th and to Susan Townsend (via e-mail). Annual reports are to be sent by October 30 each year after being presented to the school community.

For questions regarding specific information on school improvement, please contact one of our Regional School Improvement Coordinators: Susan Townsend Jennifer Fox, Maeghan McCormickSandy White, or Dan Luciani. 

The Michigan School Improvement Frameworks, SIF Rubrics, tools and related power points can be accessed here: