Jackson County Intermediate School District

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General Information

  • Goal 2025 Michigan College Access Network

  • MiSchoolData.org
    MiSchoolData.org is a State of Michigan/MDE website with reports designed to help the community better understand their local school district, and to help parents make informed decisions.  The site is provided by the Center for Educational Performance (CEPI).

In The Spotlight

  • Instruction - Leadership - Service - Community
    The JCISD is an educational service agency that works in partnership with local public and charter schools, and the local community. With a commitment to the success of all students by providing educational leadership, services, programs, and resources, the JCISD has set its sights on the following strategic goals for the 2018-19 school year and beyond:

    • Career Readiness through work-based learning and certification attainment
    • Increasing the impact of Professional Development programming
      • Achieve even higher levels of student success through IEP goal attainment.      
    • Increase employee understanding and true ownership of the organization's stated purpose
    • Continued commitment to Collective Impact 

    For more on the JCISD, including its purpose statement and overview of services, click here.

  • Jackson County Early College

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