Computer Programming is a superpower! Learn to code!

    By 2020,

    • 60% of all STEM jobs are coding!*
    • 30% of all jobs requiring a bachelor degree are coding!*

    *source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics

    Computer Programming jobs are needed in all industries: fashion, agriculture, banking, sports, entertainment, etc.  Actually, 67% of all coding jobs are in industries other than the tech industry.  What are you passionate about? - there are coding jobs for that!  Do you like to help people? - you can create an app for that!

    Of the jobs people love to do, computer programming jobs are the highest paid!  Love what you do and get paid well!

    After the Computer Programming Class at the Career Center, you are able to start an entry-level programming job or create your own business making advanced website, mobile apps, games, or software.  Many of the Programming Class graduates go on to college and earn degrees in Computer Science.

    Articulated classes for the 2015-16 school year include courses at Baker College, Jackson College and Davenport University.