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    Where are they at now?
     Class of 2013 - Army Specialist Connor Boyer in Army's AH-64 Attack Helicopter 
    SPC Boyer Class of 2013  
    Class of 2005 - Army Captain J.D. Hill with his twins (son and daughter) 
     CPT J.D. Hill Class of 2005
    CPT Hill with one of the twins!  
    Class of 2006 - C/ CSM David Lapham working with Financial Adviser Dave Ramsey
    David Lapham w/Dave Ramsey  
     A/1A Lilly (Hunter) Hubbard
     Class 2008 Airmen First-Class Lilly (Hunter) Hubbard
    Class of 2011 - Luke Gehringer, US Navy Promotion Ceremony (2015) 
    Luke Gehringer's Promotion (Left)  

     Class of 2009 - Jeff Johnson, US Army (Michigan National Guard) in Afghanistan
    How's it going in Jackson?  

    Good evening sir, I'm currently assigned to the 1433rd EN Co Sappers out of Battle Creek, MI under the 507th BN  deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan (RC south) I graduated from Jackson High School 2009. Allow my to start by saying Thank you, the lessons you and SFC Emond diligently instilled in our youth today has been seen in the community through your cadets conduct, character, and core values and boy that raider teams is doing awesome keep taking it to them. 

    Class of 2009 - Bobby Mickel, US Navy in Afghanistan

     Navy Corpsmen Mickel
    Bobby Mickel, currently serving in the United States Navy received a combat decoration for service with the Marine Corps while deployed to Afghanistan during 2013.  Bobby is the older brother of 2012 Battalion Commander Alex Mickel.  
    Class of 2009 - Joshua Naramore, US Army in Afghanistan
    Former Cadet Naramore uses a remote station in his vehicle where he serves as the gunner - scanning for targets!
    Over looking an Afgan City in the valley

    Former A Company Commander C/MAJ Merrill - Starts Army Basic Training
    PFC Merrill 2013

    Update on PFC C. Merrill. She began basic training yesterday. The last time I spoke with her she was very excited and looking forward to begin training. Graduation will be early November 2013 and then she will head on to Georgia for AIT.


    If any of this year's cadets would like to send her an encouraging note while she is in basic--they can send mail to the following address:


    PV2 Merrill, Chantilly R.

    4 Plt., Delta Co. 1-13th IN Regt

    11000 Dixie Rd.

    Ft. Jackson, SC 29207

    Former Cadet and Current Army ROTC College Cadet:  Sean Shirk
    Dayton Beach Run - Cadet Shirk
    Running Daytona 500 Track
    This is Sean Shirk, former S1 for Bravo Company Class of 2013. I am a week and a half of AROTC training, and I thought it would be nice to send some pictures to show everyone what I've been up. Below will be attached picture from our Daytona Beach unit run, obstacle course training, and the Daytona 500 Speedway run. Thank you again for all the Golden Knight Battalion and its staff has done to get here.

    Former Cadet and Current Soldier: PFC Wheeler:


    Private First Class Wheeler works in the aviation field in the United States Army.  He enlisted after graduation and is currently serving at Fort Riley, Kansas.

    Congratulations go out to Brandon Emond (A Co 1SG in 2006) who completed his studies from Everest in December 2008 and now works in Jackson, Michigan as a Medical Assistant.
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    I used the training I gained from the career center's Army JROTC program to begin the process of getting into shape to become a United States Marine. I learned in that class the fundamentals of leading and teaching those that are under my own rank, and to be able to speak to those above me with tact. I learned how to properly care for my uniform and how to properly care for myself.

    Before I began my year at the career center I did not have any reason to strive for anything. It is a problem that many students have. They go to the same classes day after day for twelve years just so at the end someone can give them one little piece of paper that says, "Okay you are now able to go get a job that probably wont pay much or go back to school." That does not motivate most people to do much of anything. Some students get by with looking to play in the next big game or be in the school play but for students that are not really that interested in those things, like myself. There was nothing to look forward to but getting to sleep in.
    That all changed when I started JROTC, there you have the same kinds of things for those that wanted to do sports, for example if your grades are not good enough you might not be able to go to the next shooting match or the next drill meet. But there is something in JROTC for everyone. Everyday I worked to improve myself because I could earn promotions and awards. I began making short and long term goals, and once I did, I began earning rank, and new awards to wear proudly on my uniform. JROTC classes are not the same boring math and science. Your learned things like government, leadership, ethics, decision-making, map reading, customs and courtesies, and how to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for life ahead, whether I joined the military or not - these skills were learned by all.
    If you are considering a career in the military or are looking for a scholarship, do yourself a favor and look into joining Army JROTC. If you feel like nothing better is happening in your life right now, take the time and look into it. If you want a chance to lead others, go try JROTC. If you want a physical challenge, go for it. Or if the thought of throwing rifles in the air and catching them sounds fun to you, that's available too.
    What I am trying to say is, no matter your motivation, JROTC has something for everyone. You will find a place to fit in and to excel.

    After my first month or so in the class I decided the military was for me. With the extensive resources available I began doing my research on the different braches and decided the Marines were for me. I am now a proud Lance Corporal in the United States Marines, stationed on Camp Pendleton, Ca. I have had more than one memorable time in my life, with many more to come.
    If any student has a question about the Marines or Army JROTC, you are welcome to email me at audrey.rose@usmc.mil and I will be sure to get back as soon as I can.
    Lcpl Audrey M Rose
    United States Marine Corps
    Camp Pendleton, Ca
    (Western High School Graduate)