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    Army ROTC awards many scholarships (two, three, or four year) to college students every year.  An Army ROTC scholarship pays 100% of tuition and required fees.  They're awarded on merit -- like academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and athletic and leadership accomplishments.  Scholarship winners receive a stipend ($300 for Freshman, $350 for Sophomores, $450 for Juniors, and $550 for Seniors) for up to 10 academic months, plus an allowance for books.  If your a non-scholarship student, you can still receive the stipend as a contracted cadet during your last two years.  If you're selected to receive a scholarship, you will have a commitment to the Army after completing the program.  You can fulfill it by serving part time in the Army National Guard, Army Reserves or full time on active duty.

    While participating in ROTC, students may attend military schools, which include: Airborne, Northern Warfare, Air Assault, Scuba Divers, Mountain Warfare and other schools.  All students are encouraged to participate in ROTC's Ranger Challenge Team, Color Guard or Drill Team.  All offer exciting, competitive adventure and sharpen leadership skills.

    Taking an Army ROTC course does not mean that you have joined the Army.  There is no service obligation for students who take part in the Basic Course (Normally your Freshman and Sophomore years).  Once you accept a scholarship or enter the Advance Course (normally your Junior year) you make a commitment to serve as an officer on either active duty, reserve or national guard duty upon graduation.

    Army Reserve and Army National Guard

    Students that are currently in the Army Reserves or Army National Guard may also participate in the ROTC program through the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP).  If you have completed an active duty basic training you may be given credit for your MS I and MS II years.  If your are not an academic junior and you wish to participate in the ROTC classes you may do so.  Contact the ROTC department for further information.

    Once you are an academic junior, or have more than 53 semester hours completed towards your degree, you can start the enrollment and contracting process.  There are additional steps to contracting than the normal requirements that you will need to complete.  One of those steps is to receive approval to enroll in the program from you unit commander.