•  23 January 2016 - Truman H.S. Drill Competition
     Second Place Varsity Team Knock Out Winners

    Varsity Squad2nd Place. Team Leader Kirsten Stull (Jackson), Devin Paugh (Jackson), Amanda Gregurich (daVinci), Jennifer Morgan (daVinci), Rodney Lavacs (daVinci), Ashton Willis (Jackson), Crystal Johnson (Jackson) and Keeshaun Page (Jackson).


    JV Squad – 4th Place. Team Leader Zoe Herr (Jackson), Jon Wilkerson (Western), Michael Davis (Jackson), Michael Hawley (Jackson), Harley Waldron (Ackerson), Brian Lowe (Jackson) and Nolan Barnes (Jackson).


    Color Guard – 4th Place. Team Leader Amanda Gregurich (daVinci), William Brent (Napoleon), Jacob Walker (Napoleon) and Brandi Lamb (daVinci).


    Individual Drill (top 10 out of approx. 250 individual competitors)

        1st Year Cadets:

    -                   1st Place: Zayland Scott (daVinci)

    -                   9th Place: Harley Waldron (Ackerson)

    -                   10th Place: Devyn Hawkins (Napoleon)


        All Cadets (New and Veteran Drill Members)

    -                   5th Place: Michael Hawley (Jackson)

    -                   6th Place: Crystal Johnson (Jackson)


        Armed Drill

    -                   2nd Place: Jacob Walker (Napoleon)

    -                   3rd Place: Devyn Hawkins (Napoleon)


    Color Guard and Flag Guard at Grass Lake Veterans' Service
    8 November 2015 
    Cadets Donnelly, Barnes and HerHonor the Colors

     Truman Color Guard and Drill Competition Results
    24 January 2015:

    truman winners 24 jan  

    JV Unarmed, 3rd Place: Team Captain Kirstin Stull (Jackson), Bryan Shoquist (daVinci), Keeshaun Page (Jackson), Brandi Lamb (daVinci), Colline Garver (Jackson), Devan Paugh (Jackson) and Ashley Sundermeyer (Northwest).


    Varsity UnArmed: did not place.

    Color Guard, 4th Place: Team Captain Justin Eddington (Napoleon), William Brent (Napoleon), Salena Rose (Ackerson Lake) and Rodney Lavacs (daVinci).


    Individual Drill (Knockout): 5th Place – Kirstin Stull (Jackson) and 6th Place – Colline Garver (Jackson).


    1st Place Varsity Color Guard
    5 October 2013
    Morgan Hayden & Gallery Privatte (Grass Lake), Nikki Hart (Napoleon) and Heather Schurle (Northwest)

    Color Guard Competition
    13 October 2012
    3rd Place Trophy
    3rd place  

    Cadets present America's Colors at a variety of competitions, events and parades as requested by community leaders, both far and wide..
    cg1 cg2
    cg3 cg4
    The Golden Knights would like to thank the Detroit Pistons for inviting us to perform Color Guard before the game against the Atlanta Hawks (above) on Sunday, 29 November 2009.  Cadets have performed at Palace on numerous occasions; see photos below.
    cc3   shoe1
    cc3   dp1

    Orlando Majic (below) Wednesday, 21 Feb 08

    Indiana Pacers (below) Friday, 28 Dec 07
    pistons 2007/08
       hg pistons

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