2015-16 Drill & Ceremony Season
Drill & Color Guard at Truman HS
23 January 2016
Varsity Squad Drill - 2nd Place
sqd 2nd place
Varsity Squad – 2nd Place. Team Leader Kirstin Stull (Jackson), Devan Paugh (Jackson), Amanda Gregurich (daVinci), Jennifer Morgan (daVinci), Rodney Lavacs (daVinci), Ashton Willis (Jackson), Crystal Johnson (Jackson) and Colline Garver (Jackson).
Individual Drill (top 10 out of approx. 250 individual competitors)

      1st Year Cadets:

-                   1st Place: Zayland Scott (daVinci)

-                   9th Place: Harley Waldron (Ackerson)

-                   10th Place: Devyn Hawkins (Napoleon)

 All Cadets (New and Veteran Drill Members)

-                   5th Place: Michael Hawley (Jackson)

-                   6th Place: Crystal Johnson (Jackson)

 Armed Drill

-                   2nd Place: Jacob Walker (Napoleon)

-                   3rd Place: Devyn Hawkins (Napoleon)

color guard  
The Color Guard also participated at this competition but unfortunately did not place but they still had fun! :)

 Squad Drill at John Glenn HS
21 November 2015
 GK nov 15
30+ Cadets weathered the storm today - traveled to John Glenn HS.  You can see from the results that not only were we very competitive, but the pack was separated by a mere few points.  Results (out of 127 total possible points):
varsity nov 15
Varsity - 4th Place (113 points): Team Captain Kirstin Stull, Keesahuan Page, Rodney Lavacs, Jacob Walker, Christina Leonard, Colline Garver, and Crystal Johnson.
JV Nov 15
1st Year - 5th Place (105 points): Team Captain Zoe Herr, Jennifer Morgan, Jonathon Wilkerson, Michael Davis, Michael Hawley, Michael Parkin, Christopher Buck.
IW Nov 15
Individual Winners (top 10 out of 250+ cadets):
3rd Place: Amanda Gregurich
4th Place: Kevin Mohney
6th Place: Zakery Greiner
9th Place: Terry Donnelly

 2014-15 Drill & Ceremony Season
 Commander's Cup at JFK HS
7 February 2015
JFK KO Winners
Individual Drill KnockOut Winners
Congratulations to all the drill and color guard team of cadets for a job well done this drill season.  Your hard work and determination are very much appreciated.  Thank You for representing the Golden Knights with pride! 

Truman HS Color Guard and Drill Competition
24 January 2015
Truman JV 3rd Place
JV Drill Squad - 3rd Place  
John Glenn Squad Drill Meet
22 November 2014
 kn 22 nov 14
 Knock-Out Winners
var 22 nov 14  jv 22 nov 14
Varsity and JV Drill Teams 

2013-14 Drill & Ceremony Season
John Glenn Squad Drill Competition
16 November 2013
Opening Ceremony
armed sqd
Varsity Armed Squad
varsity sqd
Varsity Squad
 armed ko
Armed Knock-Out

Lincoln Park Competition
3 October 2013 
First Year
First Year Color Guard - 4th Place
1st Place Knock-Out
Knock-Out Winners
Truman High School
26 January 2013
Individual KnockOut Winners - Cadets Schrule, Lampson & Wedhorn

John Glenn High School
17 November 2012
Cadets Scholl - 9th Place (Hanover) & Lampson - 3rd Place (Hanover)
sc  la

Lincoln Park High School
13 October 2012
 3rd Place Trophy
Cadets Schurle (Northwest), Lampson (Hanover), Hayden & Anderson (MI Center)
Individual KnockOut
Cadets Wedhorn - 4th Place (East Jackson), Hamel - 9th (MI Center) & R. Stull - 6th (Jackson)

2011-2012 Drill & Ceremony Season
at Truman High School
15 October 2011

D1  D1
Cadet DeSavage earns 9th place Individual Knock-Out

2010-2011 Drill & Ceremony Season Ending Championships

at Robichaud High School

15 January 2011

varsity cg
Varsity Color Guard earns 2nd Place
Cadets Dulworth, Wilkie (captain), Aguilar & Piper
(our first varsity trophy)

1st Year Color Guard earns 2nd Place
Cadets Dulworth, Ramey (captain), Aguilar & Adams
1st Year Squad Drill earns 3rd Place
 Cadets Little, Dulworth, Ramey, Sherwood (captain), Owens, Boyers & Piper
KO Winners
 Individual (Knock-Out) Drill Winners
(from left to right)
Shawn Piper: 3rd Place LET 1 
Steven Tyler: 4th Place LET 1
Kaela Ramey: 10th Place LET 1
Andre Kinard: 3rd Place Varsity
Jaysen Martin: 3rd Place Varsity Armed
TC        formation
            Team Captains                           Golden Knights Lead the Way!

John F. Kennedy High School Drill Competition
4 December 2010
LET I Drill Team wins 2nd Place.  This is our best finish ever.
Drill Team Members are (L-R): Cadets
Piper, Boyers, Little, Sherwood (team captain), Ramey, Dulworth and Owens
Knock Out Winners
(from left to right)
Ollie Wilkie (Jackson): 6th Place LET I
Jordan Little (Grass Lake): 4th Place LET I
Tabitha Sherwood (Michigan Center): 1st Place LET I
Kaela Ramey (Jackson): 7th Place Varsity
Jeff Newsome (Springport): 6th Place Varsity Armed  

John F. Kennedy High School Drill Competition
5 December 2009
all LET1
LET 1 Drill Team earns 3rd Place.  This is our first trophy in squad competition.
Individual Drill (Knock-Out) Winners
2nd Place - Cadet Zuke
7th Place - Cadet Granado
9th Place - Cadet Kinard
1st Year Cadet Knock-Out
7th Place - Cadet Moor

John Glenn High School Drill Competition
21 November 2009
LET1 Team
Drill Team competition and placement in the following categories:
Armed Drill: 5th Place
UnArmed Drill: 5th Place
Unarmed Drill (1st year cadets): 4th Place
1  2
Individual Knock-Out - Varsity Level: CPL Jones - 8th Place (out of 400).

Kennedy High School Drill Competition
6 December 2008
Cadets seen in the pictures below proudly represent the Golden Knights. 
1 2
Cadets Warf, Smith, Saunders & Granado survived a highly skilled individual drill knock-out competition against 250 cadets to earn top ten placement.
          Unarmed Drill: SSG Granado - 3rd Place and 2LT Smith - 9th Place.
          Unarmed Drill - Varsity Level: 1LT Warf - 3rd Place and 2LT Smith - 5th Place.
          Armed Drill - Varsity Level: 2LT Saunders - 8th Place.

John Glenn High School Drill Competition
22 November 2008
LET1  Armed Drill
While they didn't bring home a trophy or award, they are all champions, and will continue to prepare for the next competition on 6 December.  Watch Out!
Bn Formation  KO


Truman High School Drill Competition Results
18 October 2008

Twenty-eight Golden Knight Cadets competed on Saturday at Truman High School in Taylor, Michigan, against numerous other high school.  Approx 300 cadets competed in the first drill competition of the season. 
Our First Year and Varsity Color Guard Teams each earned 4th place.

We also had winners in Individual Knock-Out, a single elimination drill competition where all cadets face-off and test their skills against each other.  The winners and category were as follows:

            Varsity Rifle Drill (top 10 receive a medal):

Nick Szittai 3rd Place (Jackson)
Heather Hurdlebrink 6th Place (Michigan Center)

            Varsity Unarmed (top ten receive a medal):



            First Year Cadets (top ten receive a medal):

                        Travis Smith 5th Place (Camden Frontier)
                         Heather Hurdlebrink 6th Place (Michigan Center)

KO   ko1