• Raiders 2017-18

    Wayne Memorial Fitness Challenge

    9 December 2017

    1st Place 

    1st place

    Golden Knight Cadets won the State Trophy and Placed 23rd at Nationals


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    Raider Challenge at Wayne Memorial

    April 2016
    2nd Place Winners
    2nd Place 1st in State
     1st Place Champions
    Southgate Fitness Competition - April 2016
    1st Place Southgate 2016  

    Raider Fitness Challenge, Wayne Memorial HS, Wayne, MI

    12 December 2015

    Twelve Teams competed in the final Raider Fitness Challenge of 2015.

    President’s Fitness Challenge Events are the One Mile Run, Pull-Ups, Curl-Ups, V-Sit Reach, Shuttle Run


    3rd Place 

    Individual Achievements – Top Cadet in each of the five events

                Best Female 1 Mile Run Time – Cheyenne Boyd

                Best Male 1 Mile Run Time – Chase Swope

     Golden Knight Fitness Raiders:

    Team Leaders – Cheyenne Boyd (Grass Lake) and Pavel McClurg (Northwest), Lesley Heller (Addison), Alexis Trolz (Mich Center), Cheyenne Sauber (Hanover), Ashley Sundermeyer (Northwest), Chase Swope (Hanover), Steffon Brown-Johnson (Northwest), Zach Van der Puyl (Springport) and Keeshaun Page (Jackson). 

    Raider National Championships - Molena, Georgia
    7-8 November 2015
    National Ranking: 17th
    RN Nov 2015  
    Team Members: Captain – Pavel McClurg (Northwest), Franklin Bamm (Napoleon), Jarred Booth (Vandercook), William Brent (Napoleon), Steffon Brown-Johnson (Northwest), Tyler Kilgrove (Vandercook), Alex Leigh (Western), Devan Paugh (Jackson), Keeshaun Page (Jackson), Chase Swope (Hanover), Chaun Fluker (Vandercook) and Ashton Willis (Jackson).
    RN1 Nov 15
    Team Captain Pavel McClurg represented us in the Ultimate Raider Championship and individually placed 16th among all individual males in the competition.
    State Raider Championship
    24 October 2015
    SR Oct 15  SC Oct 15
    Results1st Place & State Champion: Golden Knights Team 1 – Team Captain Pavel McClurg (Northwest), Jacob Smith (MI Center), Chase Swope (Hanover), Ashton Willis (Jackson), Franklin Bamm (Napoleon), Steffon Brown-Johnson (Northwest), Cheyenne Boyd (Grass Lake), Alexis Trolz (MI Center), Keeshaun Page (Jackson), and Alexis Rutan (Hanover).
    2nd Place Tie: Golden Knights Team 2 – William Brent (Napoleon), Devan Paugh (Jackson), Alex Leigh (Western), Jarred Booth (Vandercook), Jacob Walker (Napoleon), Devyn Hawkins (Napoleon), Cain Stone (Vandercook), Cheyenne Sauber (Hanover), Brandi Lamb (daVinci), and Ashley Sundermeyer (Northwest).
    Calumet HS, Calumet, MI
    3rd Place: Wayne Memorial Team 1, Wayne, MI
    4th Place: Truman HS, Taylor, MI
    5th Place: John Glenn HS, Westland, MI
    6th Place: Wayne Memorial Team 2, Wayne, MI
    7th Place: Combined Team (cadets from Wayne, John Glenn, Calumet and JACC)

    Spring Raider and Fitness Challenges
     Wayne and Southgate, Michigan
    18 April 2015 

    Golden Knights Return as Winners from Regional JROTC Competitions   

    Jackson, Mich.—The Jackson Area Career Center Golden Knight Battalion competed and placed in two southeastern Michigan competitions on Saturday, April 18—the President’s Fitness Challenge and the Raider Challenge. 

    The President’s Fitness Challenge, held at Southgate High School in Southgate, MI, featured 10 high school teams from the greater Detroit and Downriver area, and featured events in the one-mile run, pull-ups, curl-ups, v-sit reach, and shuttle run. The Golden Knights’ First Year/JV Raider team took first place overall. Individual achievements include Keeshaun Page (Jackson High), who took home first place as Best Male Athlete in the First Year/JV Fitness competition. While varsity team members Lesley Heller (Addison), Cheyenne Boyd (Grass Lake), Chaun Fluker (Vandercook), and Kristian Speer (Springport) placed in the Best Female Athlete and Best Male Athlete categories.

     The Raider Challenge, held in Wayne, MI at Wayne Memorial High School, featured 12 high school teams from Michigan and Indiana. The Varsity Raider Team brought home third place from this event. In addition, Cadet Shaylea McCabe (Columbia) earned second place as Best Female Raider. Events at the Challenge included an academic test as well as a team one-mile run, rope bridge crossing, and a gauntlet relay.

    Arctic Raider Challenge
    Calumet, Michigan
    20-21 February 2015 
     2014-2015 Raider Results
    Wayne Memorial Fitness Challenge
     3rd Place Team
    3rd Place - Individual
    1st Place Shuttle Run 7.9 seconds 

    Regional Raider Championship

    Team Captain Lucas Garrett (Northwest), Pavel McClurg (Northwest), Olivia Church (Columbia), Shaylea McCabe (Columbia), Hunter Thelen (Hanover), Zach Naramor (Springport), Krystopher Peterson (Columbia), Connor Boyer (Grass Lake), William Brent (Napoleon) and Hayley Nichols (Northwest).




    2nd Place (tie): Calumet HS and Hobart HS

    State Raider Championship
    11 October 2014
    1stPlace & State Champion: Career Center Golden Knight Raiders – Team Captain Lucas Garrett (Northwest), Pavel McClurg (Northwest), Jennings Chase (Northwest), Krystopher Peterson (Columbia), Shaylea McCabe (Columbia), Olivia Church (Columbia), Hunter Thelen (Hanover), Zach Naramor (Springport), Cade Taliaferro (Vandercook) and Lesley Heller (Hanover)

    2ndPlace: Calumet HS (from the UP)

    3rdPlace: Wayne Memorial HS

    Grand Rapids (Pentathlon) Raider Challenge
    27 September 2014

    Golden Knight Raiders performed very well during a recent Raider Competition in Grand Rapids on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  

    Each five-person team completed the following events: marksmanship (10 targets); 12-lb shot put (200 yards); 40 - sit-ups; obstacle course; 150-lb tire flip (200 yards); two-mile run; 30 - sit-ups; and a 100-lb litter carry on a ¼ mile course.

    The team to complete ALL of the above in the quickest time won.  

    There were two categories: LET I and LET II/III/IV. Results of both categories are below.

    2nd Place: (by 31 sec) Team Captain Lucas Garrett (Northwest); Pavel McClurg (Northwest); Krystopher Peterson (Columbia); Shaylea McCabe (Columbia); and Aston Willis (Jackson).

    3rd Place: Team Captain Kristian Speer (Springport); Sam Dellassantos (Jackson); Haley Nichols (Northwest); Connor Boyer (Grass Lake); and Austin Keiser (Hanover).

    4th Place: Team Captain Olivia Church (Columbia); Hunter Thelen (Hanover); Cade Taliaferro (Vandercook); Brent Lovely (Northwest).

    LET I
    1st Place: Team Captain Austin Wolf (Napoleon); Selena Rose (Vandercook); Keeshaun Page (Jackson); Andrew Huffine (Northwest); and DeAnthony Miles (Vandercook).

    4th Place: Team Captain Danyelle Jordan (Northwest); William Brent (Napoleon); Jacob Walker (Napoleon); Chase Jennings (Northwest); and Nicolas Anderson (Grass Lake).


    2013-2014 Raiders 
    2013 US Army Raider Nationals
    Molena, Georgia
    Raider Team placed 14th in the Nation - Hooah!
    Top Raiders - Franklin & King - Mega Hooah!

    2013 Raider Cup Champions

    We hosted the State Raider Competition and our team won the State Raider Competition again for the 3rd year in row.  The events were Push-up and Sit-ups, Obstacle Course, Tough One, Snake, Biathlon, On Guard and 5K ruck run.


    Connor Boyer (Grass Lake), Shayn King (Columbia Options), Garrett Lucas (Northwest), Alec Krieghoff (Northwest), Anthony Hamel (Northwest), Zach Naramor (Springport), John Votzke (Columbia), Lateka Franklin (Michigan Center), Kelsye Irvine (Hanover), Jordan Parker (Grass Lake).


    2012 Raider Cup Champions
     (standing from L - R) Jacob Gaston (Northwest), Kelsye Irvine (Hanover) Kyler Milosh (Mich Center), Anthony Hamel (Northwest), Angela Phillips (Western),Tyler Coale (Northwest)

    (kneeling L - R) Lateka Franklin (Mich Center), Team Captain Lukas Hyden (Northwest) and Ralph Morton III (Napoleon)

    2011 Raider Cup Champions

    JACKSON, Mich. – Jackson Area Career Center’s Army JROTC kept the first-place trophy for their annual Golden Knight Raider Challenge Invitational at home for the second year in a row, topping Wayne Memorial in the competition held 21-22 October at Camp McGregor and the Career Center.


    “This was an awesome team. The cadets were confident and ready to win this challenge” said SGT Tom Miller. “It was so great to watch the cadets ‘bring it’ to win against such tough teams.”


    The cadets are proud to display such a grand trophy at the Career Center.


    “We were pretty confident going into this competition,” said cadet Tabitha Sherwood.


    “First place, two years in a row!” said Raider captain Steve Dulworth.


    Each team was made up of eight cadets and two alternates. Cadets spent the night at the camp and woke early Saturday morning to compete in individual and team events. The competition included Push-ups & Sit-ups, an Obstacle Course, the Biatholon, Tough-One, Snake, the Guard and finally a 3K run while carrying a 25-pound pack.


    The Career Center’s first-place team represented four different Jackson-area public school districts and was lead by Dulworth, Kaela Ramey and Keon Aguilar, all from Jackson High,  Sherwood and Zachary Fisher from Michigan Center, John Booher, Jordan Owens, and Ajalon St. Charles from Napoleon, and Dakota Pancake from Grass Lake.


    The Raiders are just one of many teams open to cadets who enroll in the Career Center’s Army JROTC program.  Other clubs and teams include JLAB (JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl), Air-Rifle Marksmanship, Cavalry (Horse) Troop, Service Learning, Color/Honor Guard, and Drill & Ceremony. These groups are an extension of the Army JROTC program and designed to promote leadership, decision-making, discipline, physical fitness, mental well-being, and volunteerism.


    2010 Jackson Raider Challenge Competition
    First Place Winners

    Career Center Golden Knights Finish 1st  at Raider Challenge Invitational


    The Career Center's Army JROTC kept the first-place trophy for their Golden Knight Raider Challenge Invitational at home for the second time since 2005 when they began hosting the invitational.


    The Golden Knights topped three-time defending champion Wayne Memorial as well as teams from Westland John Glenn and four Detroit Public Schools high schools in the competition held Oct. 22-23 at Camp McGregor.


    I knew we had a good chance at being at the top, and I am very proud of our finish said SGT Thomas Emond. They gave everything they had and took first or second in all seven events! Our cadets have placed second the last three years to Wayne Memorial.


    This time, Wayne Memorial took second place while Detroits Cass Tech ended up third.

    During the trophy presentation I asked (a cadet) why she was crying, said Emond, and her response was, I've given this team everything and had to settle for second the last two competitions, and this year, we can call ourselves champions.

    Each team was made up of eight cadets and two alternatives. Cadets spent the night at the camp and woke early Saturday morning to compete in individual and team events. The competition included an academic exam, air-rifle marksmanship, push-ups and sit-ups, an obstacle course, and finally a 3K run while carrying a 25-pound pack and crossing a one-rope bridge.


    The Career Centers first-place team represented eight different Jackson-area public school districts and was lead by co-captains Stephen Dulworth of Jackson High and Chase Perry of Hanover-Horton. Other team members included Hank Reger (Columbia Options), Sean Watkins (East Jackson), David Grayson (Columbia Central), Lindsay Olmstead ( Springport), Sarah Thode (Western Options), Kaela Ramey (Jackson High), David Clemons (Michigan Center), and Ajalon St. Charles (Napoleon).


    Career Center Golden Knights earn 2nd Place
    2009 Raider Challenge Invitational

    The Jackson Area Career Centers Army JROTC team was a 1/2-point from earning the first-place trophy at the Golden Knight Raider Challenge Invitational.

    We hosted 85 Army JROTC cadets from Detroit, Wayne, and Westland on Oct. 23-24 at Camp McGregor, and the Golden Knights fell just short of Wayne Memorial High School for the top spot. Detroit Renaissance High School placed third.

    This event offers a great opportunity to competitively challenge individual teams and build partnerships with neighboring Army JROTC programs, said LTC Curt Lapham, JROTC instructor. The goal was to have a great time while being physically challenged.

    Each team was made up of eight cadets and two alternatives. Cadets spent the night at the camp and woke early Saturday morning to compete in individual and team events. The competition included an academic exam, air-rifle marksmanship, push-ups and sit-ups, an obstacle course, litter carry, the tuff-one and finisted with a 3K run.

    This year's Golden Knight Team was Hanover-Hortons Kortney Smith (team captain) , Joshua Heller, Chase Perry, and T.J. Snyder; Columbia Centrals David Grayson, Napoleons Alec Granando, Concords Anisoara Foca and Brock Sierminski, Jackson Highs Justin Hoyt, and daVincis Vincent Kirby. 

    This competition continues to get better each year with closer results that separate the teams, said SFC Tom Emond, Army JROTC instructor.
    Tri-State Raider Competition
    Runner Up - 4 April 2009
    Cadet Raider Teams from Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana met on this cold and windy Saturday to compete for the coveted Raider Championship Trophy.  Our Golden Knight Raiders earned an impressive 2nd Place in the overall competition.
    The 7 single events that made up this Raider Challenge were:
    1) 5K (3.1mile) Footmarch: with 30lbs backpack.
    2) Fitness: two minutes of push-up & sit-ups.
    3) 100lb Litter Carry: while wearing a 30lbs backpack, 1/2 mile.
    4) 1-Rope Bridge: tie a swiss-seat & cross 40ft bridge.
    5) Written Exam: Leadership, Current Events, JROTC & Navigation.
    6) One mile team run.
    7) Gauntlet: 3/4 mile course, 30lb backpack, 50ft rope bridge river crossing.
    Golden Knights earned 2nd Place trophies in these individual events:
    Gauntlet: team time of 8:51
    Litter Carry: team time of 4:47
    1-Rope Bridge: team time of 3:17
    5K Footmarch: team time of 34:24
    Big Hooah to our cadets who sacrificed their Spring Break weekend.  They entered a very rigorous competition against some very tough and well trained teams, and 7 hours later, after completing each event, they proudly accepted their 2nd Place Trophies.  These cadets are living examples of the motto that guides them - Res non Verba - deeds not words.  Follow me!
    Raiders Continue to Lead the Way!

    Raider Challenge State Competition
    24 & 25 October 2008
    2008 Runner-Up
    Golden Knight Cadets hosted a Raider Challenge State Competition at Camp McGregor.  70 cadets joined us Friday and Saturday for a competition that included: an Academic Exam; Air-Rifle Marksmanship; Push-up and Sit-ups; the Obstacle Course; and a 5K Footmarch with 25lbs backpack.
    Bravo Company Raiders (above) represented the Golden Knights well by earning 2nd Place.
    Congratulations to all cadets who participated in the competition or helped make this event a success. We look forward to future Raider Competitions in Michigan, and earning the privilege of competing in a National Level Competition at Fort Knox, Kentucky later next semester.
    Golden Knights lead the way...