• The two-year Cosmetology program provides students with theoretical education and hands-on experience to prepare for the State Board Exam. With hard work and dedication, students can become a licensed cosmetologist* by the time they finish high school.

    The two-year program at the Career Center includes training and opportunities to work on clients in the Career Center's salon, The Studio.  In addition to hair, nail and skin services, students will learn business skills along with applicable industry laws that they will need to ensure future success in the field.

    Each year, students compete in an annual hair and fashion event designed to promote creativity, talent, and leadership. Juniors participate in a fantasy mannequin competition, while seniors create a complete a head-to-toe look on a live model.  A full runway show gives the community the chance to see just how creative and talented our students are! 

    New for 2023-24!
    While a portion of the Cosmetology curriculum covers esthetics, the Career Center is adding a separate Esthetics program for students interested in this type of training. Students will learn how to do facial treatments, makeup applications, hair removal services, as well as how to build and market an esthetician business. Students who complete 400 hours of training and pass the State Practical and Theory exam can become a licensed esthetician in just one year. More details can be found here: Esthetics 2023-24.

    *Note: The goal of this two-year program is to obtain a state cosmetology license. Hence, a student must complete 1,500 clinical hours and pass the state board examination. Good attendance is required. Must have transportation 1st year if from a school that only sends PM shift. Junior schedule is 8:00-10:50 AM. 

  • Career Credentials & Certifications

    • State of Michigan Cosmetology License
    • Barbicide Certification
    • Barbicide COVID-19 Certification
    • Milady Rise Domestic Violence Awareness Certification

    * Note: In order to obtain a State of Michigan Cosmetology License, a student must complete a specified number of clinical hours and pass both a practical and written examination.