Serving Local Schools


    JCISD provides the facilities and resources to enhance education at Camp McGregor. Students can also participate in programs offered through our Mathematics and Science Center.

    School Picnic & Field Day:
    Camp McGregor is the ideal location providing a private, secure location for students to learn about and enjoy their environment.

    cabinOvernight School Camps:
    Our facilities provide parents and teachers the opportunity to expand learning horizons with overnight camps for students. An overnight camp experience in the fall can bond students for the entire school year.
    Sports Camps:
    Sports Camps are another way schools can benefit by using the camp. We offer a private, secure location with all the facilities required to hold an overnight, weekend or week-long sports camp. Other benefits include:
    • Eliminate interruptions and promote teamwork
    • Reduced rates for local schools
    • Reduce travel time and costs