• Classroom Rules

    Here are four specific rules for our classroom with the reward and penalties following.


    • No inappropriate use of electronic devices. (facebook, texting, hacking, etc.)
    • Use appropriate safety precautions at all times in the classroom. (use of safety glasses)
    • Keep the room clean. (clean up at the end of the day – equipment and tools put away, chairs back in place, notebooks stored properly, tables cleared off, etc)
    • Respect others and their property.


    The reward for completing these items and going above and beyond will be 30 minutes of free time on the first and third Friday of the month. You may use this time for whatever project you need to complete, this class or others. You may also use that time to use the resources of this classroom. The penalty of not following those rules will be a loss of free time and if severe enough parents will be called. 

  • Classroom Procedures

    There are very few procedures that we must follow in PLTW. They are attached:

    ·         How to fill out their engineering notebook (see Journal Guidelines for detail)

    o   10 pts total per day / One entry per day

    § 2 pts for making a to do list for the current day

    § 2 pts for vocabulary word from the unit list or pertaining to what you learned that day

    § 2 pts for sketch pertaining to the work accomplished

    § 2 pts for describing what you accomplished that day (should include work from to do list above and other work)

    § 2 pts for making a to do list for the next day (including what you did not finish today) 

    ·         How to turn in a finished physical project

    o    Sometimes these projects will be taken apart as soon as they are finished in order to proceed to the next one. Before they are taken apart the instructor must check that it functions properly and as intended.

    o   When submitting the project to the instructor, also bring a hard copy of the lesson that Activity or Project sheet that goes with that Activity or Project.

    o   The instructor will then sign off on the Activity or Project if it functions as intended and the sheet may be turned into the physical inbox for grading.

    § If it does not function as intended, the instructor will inform the student of what needs to be corrected, help the student with what trouble they are having, and sign off will not occur.

    § Once the student has made the necessary corrections they may resubmit the project at no penalty.

    o   The student may not move onto the next project or activity without finishing the previous project or activity.

    o   These physical activities are considered formative tests and are intended to help the student fully understand the concepts being taught.

    ·         How Students are to ask for help

    o   Hold your hand up, but Please Keep Working till I can reach you! Don’t forget, ask three before me!


    ·         How to turn in electronic files (We will be using Schoology for turning in electronic assignments).

    o   Turn in your electronic files to the appropriate assignment

    o   The items will be graded on Schoology, but your official grade is in powerschool.

    If there is a discrepancy between Schoology and Powerschool, it is up to the student to bring it to the attention of the instructor.