• Welding Program
    Welding for Beginners

    Course Description:
    This course is for the beginning welder who would like to explore welding before committing to a longer, more rigorous program. It is also for the student who has some basic welding skills, but needs some guidance from our instructor and our professional lab while working on personal projects.  These courses are designed for both the beginning welder and the experienced welder looking to upgrade          .  
    his or her skills.  The courses are self-directed welding experiences.  You can learn the particular process
    you need without spending time on skills outside of your focus.  You will begin welding the first night of
    class, as the class is almost entirely hands-on.

    Students will learn and apply basic welding techniques as they created beautiful ornamental works of art.  
    The instructor will have project ideas, or you can bring your own original concepts and get help turning
    your vision into art!

    Instructor: Jackson Area Career Center, John Sterrett

    Next Session: To Be Determined

    Tuition: $120

    Welding I

    Course Description: The Welding I course is beginning theory with an introduction to safety in welding. It should include instruction on the safe operation and hands-on applications of oxyacetylene welding, cutting, brazing, and shield metal arc welding. The welding defects associated with oxyacetylene welding, torch brazing, cutting, shielded metal arc welding, filler metal selection of electrodes. The filler metal designation system, weld ability of metals and defects associated with SMAW, plasma cutting and air carbon arc gouging. 

    Instructor:  Jackson Area Manufacturing Association

    Next Session:  Mondays & Wednesdays; October 27 - December 22, 2020; 5:00-8:45pm

    Tuition: $500 

    Welding II

    Course Description:  This is a welding course in GMAW (gas metal arc welding formally known as MIG welding) and GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding formally known as TIG welding) processes and techniques. Topics will include safety, use of equipment, power sources, shielding gases, filler metals, welding techniques, troubleshooting, weld defects and welding in the flat, vertical and horizontal positions.
    Instructor:  Jackson Area Manufacturing Association

    Next Session: Mondays & Wednesdays; 5:00-8:45 pm ... DATES TO BE DETERMINED

    Tuition: $500