• It takes all of us!  Get involved!
    Learning does not start and stop with the school day. It takes place all day and in every corner of a child's life. To truly prepare a child for today's world, it takes ALL of US!

    Cradle to Career (C2C) is a cross-sector network where community members in Jackson County, Michigan come together to support a shared cradle to career education vision. 

    To be successful, our children need a world-class education and a caring support network - at home, at school and in their community. Supporting a child's success from "Cradle to Career" is a job for the entire community.

    Are you interested in joining a Cradle to Career Action Team?

    Fill out the form below, or Contact the C2C Coordinator, Irene LeCrone at ilecrone.c2c@jacksoncf.org, (517) 787-1321