• Business Professionals of America (BPA)

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    General Information

    Business Professionals of America is a national career and technical student organization consisting of 23 state associations and more than 54,000 members. The organization serves students who are currently, or were previously enrolled, in a business education program at a secondary or postsecondary institution. Chapters are located in high schools, career/technical centers, postsecondary technical institutions, junior and community colleges, and colleges and universities.

    The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.

    Business Professionals of America was formed nationally in 1966. The original name of the organization was the Office Education Association, until it was changed on July 1, 1988. (NOTE: In July of 1966, the Vocational Office Education Clubs of America was formed. This parent group of the Office Education Association was formed by the states of Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin. A meeting of VOECA leaders resulted in articles of incorporation being filed in Wisconsin for the Office Education Association. The first three states to become affiliated were Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin. As national office was established in Columbus, Ohio, in 1971 with a part-time executive director.)

    Michigan became a chartered state association in 1972. The original name for the Michigan Association was Business and Office Education Clubs (BOEC). The Michigan Association also adopted the name Business Professionals of America on July 1, 1988.

    Michigan is divided in 10 regions and has approximately 4,600 members amongst approximately 170 local chapters.

    The Michigan Association has 10 positions on its state executive council (state officer team) for the Secondary division.

    Business Professionals of America is a co-curricular activity that is part of an education program designed to develop leadership abilities, competency in business occupations and interest in the American business system.

    The Michigan Association has adopted the Champions Against Bullying as its state service organization for 2013-2014. Special Olympics is our national service organization.