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    The importance of post-secondary education and career training is more pressing—and more costly— than ever before. Together with our business community, Jackson County school districts offer interested students the chance to get a head start on both their college and career experience—tuition free! 

    What is the JAC3 E/MC?
    The Jackson Area College and Career Connection (JAC3) Early/Middle College (E/MC) is a unique learning program that creates a pathway for Jackson County high school students to simultaneously earn:

    •  His/her high school diploma
    •  College credit (up to an Associate Degree) 
    •  A technical/career credential
    •  Participation within a school-to-registered apprenticeship,
    • The opportunity for employment upon graduation


    All while remaining enrolled in their local high school, and at NO COST to students or families!  

    The JAC3 is an optional program to take in partnership with your Jackson Area Career Center area of study.

    Applications are open to students entering his/her junior year of high school, and with an interest in pursuing careers in the engineering, manufacturing, or welding fields.

    This collaborative and valuable program is possible through a partnership between Jackson County public high schools, the Jackson Area Career Center, Jackson College, Baker College, Jackson Area Manufacturers Association, and the Enterprise Group. 

    Participating students enter the program during their junior year of high school, and are expected to complete the program in three years. By the end of the third year, they will have earned their high school diploma from their home district, college credit hours (up to an Associate Degree) certified through Jackson or Baker College, and a technical certification—all tuition free and with no costs for the student or their families.

    Get started today!

    dan   Looking for more information? 
    Contact Dan Draper, Assistant Principal of CTE and Academic Programs at dan.draper@jcisd.org or 517-768-5222.