Program Overview

  • The JAC3 E/MC program partners are united in the purpose to support college and career readiness through experiential and career opportunities for students, while reducing the pressures of costly tuition and post-secondary training for students and their families. 

    For the 2022-23 school year, the JAC3 E/MC option is offered through three Career Center programs. The links below share a sample program of studies and academic timeline for the three-year program:

  • Success Indicators

    • Student is on track to graduate
    • Good attendance records
    • Solid Math and Reading skills required for college-level work
    • Academically prepared to take college level dual-enrollment coursework in the junior year and good PSAT scores
    • Motivated to complete a work-based work experience
    • Willing to hold diploma until the 13th year
    • Willing/prepared to take summer courses or other activities (such as interviews, meetings) if needed

Eligibility & Enrollment

  • Enrollment is open to Jackson County students entering their junior year of high school that meet academic eligibility requirements and have demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for manufacturing careers. Interested candidates are able to enter admission materials as early as their sophomore year.

    It is during the admission process that participating students will also be matched with sponsoring employers who will take a long-term, vested interest in the student’s success. 

    Once enrolled, students will receive one-on-one curriculum and academic counseling so that they may begin college coursework, job training, and on-site job shadowing during their junior year of high school (while completing high school requirements); a process which will continue through their senior and a 13th year.

    As part of the school-to-register apprenticeship with the Department of Labor, students in the JAC3 E/MC program are enrolled in a 3,000-hour Manufacturing Production Technician journeyperson program. This apprenticeship includes coursework from a reputable online program called 180 Skills to help build foundational skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level employees. This is a comprehensive, career & technical education learning solution for the manufacturing industry.

    At the conclusion of the online coursework and 3,000 work hours, these students will earn a DOL certificate and can transition to next-level professional trades apprenticeships in their area of focus.


  • To ensure that the learning and training within the JAC3 EMC program is of the highest level, the program’s coursework and training is collectively delivered through several locations. 

    These include:

    • Participating students’ home district high school buildings;
    • Career and aptitude training at the Jackson Area Career Center;
    • College coursework on the college campuses and/or on-line;
    • On-the-job training, observations, and on-site learning with local employers; 
    • Options for attendance within neighboring high school or video streaming/internet based learning support.