Admission Process

  • In order to receive admission into the JAC3 E/MC program, students must be formally enrolled. First-year candidates for the program will apply for consideration mid-way through their 10th grade year. 

    Step One: Express Interest

    Contact the Jackson Area Career Center at 517-768-5100, and mention your interest in the program. You may also want to begin reaching out to your student’s high school counselors, and begin thinking about individuals that may be able to provide letters of recommendation.

    Step Two: Complete Admissions Process

    The full admission process takes into account the following criteria:

    • Application for 2022-23 (Due by June 30, 2022)
    • Achievement of a recommended GPA
    • Student attendance record
    • EDP alignment to program requirements (feasibility)
    • Letters of Recommendation

    As part of the application process, students will also participate in an employer/student interview, which will provide a space for interested employers to meet and talk with potential participants in the JAC3 program. Please see the Student Timeline link on the main page for detailed information on tentative interview dates and submission deadlines.  

    All materials will be submitted to:
    Jackson Area Career Center
    Attn: Dan Draper
    6800 Browns Lake Rd.
    Jackson, MI 49201