• Middle school is the perfect time for students to begin exploring potential careers, as they begin to see the connection between school and career opportunities. Career Exploration Lunches emerged in the spring of 2014 as a method to demonstrate the array of exciting careers in Jackson County, along with the educational pathways that lead to these successful outcomes.

    Within this program, students have the opportunity to engage with student and professional representatives related to the 20 programs offered through the Jackson Area Career Center. That means that they’ll have the chance to learn from graphic designers and the Visual Communications program one day, and chat with civil and mechanical engineers alongside the Career Center’s Project Lead the Way program on the next! Students see and learn, often in a hands-on format, about great jobs in Jackson, and take that exploration even further to understand that pathway of following those careers.

    Career Exploration Lunches drive one of C2C’s Middle School Objectives: increasing the percentage of middle school students with an expectation of pursuing a Career and or College. The C2C network realized that meeting this objective can be done in part through creating intentional connections between schools and businesses. As students explore real options, they can begin to see the connections between the taken classes today build up to create the foundation to their future careers.
    Lunchtime Career Exploration  
     Career Paths and Supporting Information  
    Visual Communications
    Law Enforcement
    Construction Trades
    Fire / EMS
    Sales and Marketing
    Cosmetology and Arts
    Machining / Manufacturing
    Computer Technology
    Auto Body / Automotive Technology
    Culinary Arts
    Military / Army JROTC