•  Lyle A. Torrant School Annual Education Report (AER)

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017
    Dear Parents and Community Members:
    We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER), which provides key information on the 2015-16 educational progress for the Lyle A. Torrant Center. The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and state laws. The school’s report contains information about student assessment, accountability, and teacher quality. If you have any questions about the AER, please contact Amy E. Rogers, Principal at the Lyle A. Torrant Center for assistance.


    The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting the following web site www.jcisd.org, or you may review a copy in the main office at your child’s school.


    For the 2016-17 year, no new Priority or Focus schools were named; some Priority or Focus schools did exit their status because they met the exit criteria. New Reward schools were identified using school rankings and Beating the Odds information. A Focus school is one that has a large achievement gap between the highest and lowest achieving 30% of schools. A Priority school is one whose achievement and growth is in the lowest 5% of all schools in the state. A Reward school is one that has achieved one or more of the following distinctions: top 5% of schools on the Top-to-Bottom School Rankings, top 5% of schools making the greatest gains in achievement (improvement metric), or “Beating the Odds” by outperforming the school’s predicted ranking and/or similar schools. Some schools are not identified with any of these labels. In these cases no label is given. To date, our school was not given one of the labels described above.
    State law requires that we also report additional information:
    1. Process for Assigning Pupils to the School:
    The Lyle A. Torrant Center collaborates with the Local Education Agencies of Jackson County to provide center-based programs and services to the students with Severe Cognitive Impairments, Severe Multiple Impairments, Autism, and Early Childhood Developmental Delays. These programs and services are determined through a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation Team and then determined through the Individualized Education Planning (IEP) Process.
    2. The Status of the 3-5 Year School Improvement Plan:
    The Torrant Center staff and stakeholders continue to work toward progress on the district and school improvement goals. During the 2013-14 school year, formal Extended Grade Level Expectation-aligned curricula were adopted and implemented (Mother Goose Time for PreK-1 Students, Unique Learning Systems Grades 2-12). During the 2014-2015 School year, the Torrant Center staff implemented Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. Additionally, the Torrant Center Staff completed extensive work in unpacking the Common Core Essential Elements. During the 2015-2016 school year, the Torrant Center created and monitored CCEE implementation through pacing guides, and developed grade-level assessments, which were administered twice during the school year. The Torrant Center staff, in collaboration with parents, implemented a team-approach to addressing behaviors; named the Paw Pride Intervention Team. The Paw Pride Intervention Team is a collaborative, systematic, and data-driven process for creating and monitoring individualized behavior plans for students with challenging behaviors.
    3. Description of Each Specialized School:  
    The Lyle A. Torrant Center provides specialized education/instruction to students with severe disabilities. The programs provided by the LTC includes instruction in the following areas: personal care, leisure and recreation, travel/mobility, basic life skills, personal relationships, prevocational skills, CORE Vocabulary/communication skills, and instruction in the Common Core Essential Elements.
    Students are placed at the Torrant Center as a result of an Individualized Education Plan through the IEP process. The IEP members include parents/guardians, ancillary service providers, (Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Visually Impaired Teacher Consultants, Mobility Specialists, Nursing, etc.) students, and special education teachers. Throughout he IEP process, the Least Restrictive Environment and IEP services are considered and determined.
    4.  Identify how to access a copy of the core curriculum:
    To access a copy of the core curriculum, please contact Amy E. Rogers, Principal of the Lyle A. Torrant Center. The Torrant Center utilizes state-aligned curriculum and assesses students through curriculum-based measures; in the areas of personal care, leisure and recreation, travel/mobility, basic life skills, personal relationships, prevocational skills, and CORE Vocabulary/communication skills. Additionally, English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science are assessed through curriculum-based measures. The MI-Access statewide assessment is administered as required by the Michigan Department of Education.  
    5. The aggregate student achievement results for any local competency tests or nationally normed achievement tests:
    The students of the Lyle A Torrant Center do not participate in nationally normed achievement assessments. Bi-annually, students participate in the Torrant Common Assessment, a locally developed assessment that measures the students’ current functioning level, as demonstrated on grade-level specific standards.  
    6. Identify the number and percent of students represented by parents and parent-teacher conferences:  
    During the 2014-2015 school year, 91% of parents/guardians attended/participated in the November parent-teacher conferences. During the 2015-2016 school year, 77% participated in the November parent-teacher conferences.  
    In closing, during the 2015-2016 school year, the Torrant Center staff fully implemented grade-level Common Core Essential Elements, monitoring student progress bi-annually on the Torrant Common Assessment. Additionally, Professional Learning Communities were regularly scheduled and attended by grade-level staff. During the PLC’s educational strategies were planned and discussed. CCEE implementation is monitored through locally developed curricular pacing guides. Additionally, a process for developing individualized Intervention Behavior Planning process was developed and refined. When behavior necessitates an individualized plan, the Torrant Center, in collaboration with parents, utilize a systematic team-approach to address behaviors; this process is titled the Paw Pride Intervention Team.  
    Please view the below links to view accountability data, which is located on    the MI School Data website. 


    Participation Rates: https://goo.gl/YAC3AK
    Proficiency Levels: https://goo.gl/hsZGTn
    Student Assessment: https://goo.gl/rU9vGk




    Amy Rogers

    Amy E. Rogers

    Principal Lyle A. Torrant and Kit Young Center