Jackson County Green Schools

    The Michigan Green School Act started in 2006 with the intent to save taxpayer dollars and our natural resources. Since then any private or public school in Michigan that completes ten of the possible tasks encouraging energy saving and environmental activities will receive a new official Michigan Green School flag in their first year, a pennant to attach to that in each additional year that they qualify, and a certificate to display. If schools meet at least fifteen of the tasks, they will receive Emerald status and be meeting 20 tasks will receive Evergreen status.

    During the program's inaugural year, 18 state schools participated. This past academic year saw over 650 participating schools with 25 schools from Jackson County being recognized. Congratulations to you all!


    • Michigan Green Schools - The official site provides valuable insight into the history of the program along with activity ideas.
    • U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools - The GRS program is a national program to inspire schools to reduce environmental impact. From this site, one can explore the resources link for additional ideas for their Michigan green school recognition. You could also try your hand at this national recognition as well.
    • Green Strides - The Green Strides portal is intended as a one-stop shop for resources, webinars, case studies, promising practices, and collaboration so that all schools can make progress across every Pillar of the Green Ribbon Schools Award.


    We are trying to "green" our practices. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 1ST if you have any questions or problems with the submission. We would be happy to help.

    Directions for submission:

    1. If you wish to, download Green School Application Guide word document as your worksheet for preparing the application.  (This document will not be recognized as the official application.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE BY MARCH 1ST TO BE RECOGNIZED
      1.  Download File
    2. When application guide is complete, open the MGS Online App Link to access the online application form.
    3. Enter all school information in the required fields.
    4. Complete activity checklists.
    5. Copy and paste from your guide the activity descriptions.
    6. Submit.