Student and Parent Resource Tool Kit

  • Your Student and Parent Resource Tool Kit

    The College & Career Access Center is your resource and information hub. Students can explore their post-secondary options as well as take actionable steps to bring their plans to fruition. Whether your career path involves a traditional 2 - 4 year institution, skilled trade program, vocational school, enlistment in the military or direct entry into the workforce, our advisors will assist you in navigating the necessary steps to put your future in motion.

    This page will serve as an, ever evolving, online resource toolkit. Our hope is to provide valuable information that allows you to develop an effective strategy in planning. From checklists and timelines to best practices and efficiencies, our goal is to provide you with knowledge and confidence in reaching your goals.

    Where to Begin?

    The best starting point to planning a post-secondary career path is often a career assessment. There are multiple resources designed to assist in effectively determining an individualized career strategy. Most use inventory tools that will allow the student to explore fields that best align with their unique interests, abilities and values.

    Creative Types   ACT    BMTI    16 Personalities

     Choosing a Career Path

    During Junior and Senior year, many students begin to consider their post-secondary options. It's important to remember there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to planning your education and future goals. Our CCAC advisors will assist in exploring all possible career pathways. Whether planning involves College-Based Consultation or Work-Based Consultation, students will develop a comprehensive strategy to successfully bring their career plans to fruition.

    Planning for College or University

    For students planning to attend a traditional 2 - 4yr college or university, it's never too early to begin planning. Our advisors will assist in exploring the various options available, focusing on type of institution, academic programs, financial planning and making the final decision. Below, you will find links to useful tools that will prepare the student for their initial planning steps.

         College Checklist  Scholarship Resources   FAFSA   Bankrate

    For Detailed Step-by-Step Task Checklists by Grade Level, Visit MCAN's Valuable K-12 Planning Calendar  

    Planning for Trade or Vocational Schools

    Many students would prefer an alternative to college or university. As current skilled trades workers continue toward retirement, there is a growing need for qualified candidates to fill the gap. This creates a great opportunity for those interested in hands-on training and certification. CCAC advisors will assist students exploring trade and vocational programs within manufacturing, construction, and many other service or technical fields. 

     Pure Michigan   Scholarship Resources Trades   Going Pro

    Planning for Enlistment in the Military

    Students seeking enlistment in the military may begin planning as early as age 17, with parental consent, or age 18 without consent (as of July 1 of the entry year). From scheduling time with a recruiter to visiting a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to taking the ASVAB, our advisors will assist in every step of the military enlistment process. There are a number of considerations in the regimented process and the following links offer beneficial information.


    Army     Air Force     Navy      Marines       national Guard

    Planning for Direct Entry Into the Workforce

    Whether as a means of saving toward education in the future, entering a family business, or taking the fast track to their career goals, some students decide to enter the workforce immediately after high school. As with all post-secondary planning, it is never too early to take positive preparation steps. Exploring job shadow and apprenticeship opportunities, as well as available career resources, can be a good starting point. Also, our advisors can assist you in professional resume construction and interview skill development.

    PACT    Talent Connect  High Demand Careers   Resume Genius Video