Golden Knights Lead the Way!

Deeds and Not Words!

Daily Uniform

  • Monday: Dress for Success

    Tuesday: OCP

    Wednesday: Virtual Schooling Day

    Thursday: Team Uniform or Civilian PT

    Friday: Army PT

Monthly Events

  • April 2021


    April 2nd: - U.S. Navy Presentations (0830 & 1200)

    April 14th-16th: -  Local school testing 

    April 27th - JCISD Board Meeting (Virtual)

    April 27th - Air National Guard Presentations (0830 & 1200)

    April 27th: - Leader Day, Promotions, Squad Leader Class Presentations & Cadet of the Year Board 

    April 30th: - 17th Annual Military Ball / Awards Ceremony at Professional Development Room (0830-1000 am) & (1200-1330 pm)