Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)

  • The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) is a kindergarten readiness tool administered at the beginning of each school year that allows teachers to measure each child’s school readiness across multiple domains. This data can tell us how children perform on various indicators within literacy, mathematics, social-emotional development, and physical well-being. The KRA data can also give important information regarding the readiness of our communities, families, schools, and early childhood programs. 

    The overall purpose of the KRA is to support and advance children's early learning, academic, social, and physical development. 

    • The KRA provides teachers with baseline data about incoming kindergarten students so that teachers and schools can plan to meet each student's needs. 
    • The KRA informs and guides leaders to make well-informed programmatic, policy, and funding decisions to ensure schools, early childhood programs, and teachers are ready to meet the diverse needs of students. 
    • The data provided by the KRA engaged and empowers families

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