Personal Curriculum Information

  • Definition:
    A personal curriculum (PC) is a documented process that modifies certain requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC). The personal curriculum, requested by the parent, legal guardian, or emancipated student, allows the board of a school district or public school academy to award a high school diploma providing the student completes the PC, including as many of the content expectations of the MMC as practicable.

    Who Is Eligible for a Personal Curriculum?
    All students in grades 9 12 are eligible. Students with a documented disability and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may be eligible to further modify the MMC in areas directly related to their disability.

    When is a Personal Curriculum Allowable?
    The use of a PC is allowed by state statute for only FOUR reasons:

    • A student wishes to modify the mathematics requirement
    • A student wishes to go beyond the academic credit requirements by adding more math, science, English language arts or foreign languages credits
    • A student with a disability needs to modify the credit requirements based on his or her disability
    • A student transfers to the district from out of state or a non-public school

    Can a Personal Curriculum be Used to Modify the Entire MMC?
    The intention of the PC is to modify portions of the MMC that are not practicable for the student while remaining true to the intent that graduation with a diploma requires mastery of as much of the curriculum expectations of the MMC as possible.  Allowable modifications should still reflect the basic number of credit requirements in the following areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Languages other than English, Civics/Government, and the Online Learning Experience.

    Who Can Request a Personal Curriculum?
    Only a parent, legal guardian, age of majority student or emancipated minor may request a PC.

    When Can a Personal Curriculum Be Requested?
    For all high school students there are no timelines for requesting a PC except in the areas of Mathematics and Social Studies.  If the request is granted, the PC can not go into effect until high school.  However, a PC can be requested at any time for students with an IEP.  

    What is the Process for Requesting a Personal Curriculum?
    Fill out a PC Request Form found in the guidance office and submit to a guidance counselor. (SAMPLE FORM - which may be adapted by district)

    What Happens After a Request is Submitted?

    • The building principal will determine if the request was completed by a required requestor.
    • A Personal Curriculum Committee will be named by the building principal and will include the student, parent, guidance counselor, along with a school psychologist and/or other appropriate staff members.
    • The Personal Curriculum Committee will meet, look at the PC request along with existing student performance records and addition documentation; then decide if the request appears appropriate, given individual student need.
    • If the situation appears to require specific, appropriate modification to the MMC requirements, a personal curriculum will be created by the Personal Curriculum Committee.
    • In order for the Personal Curriculum to be implemented, both the parent/guardian/adult student and the district Superintendent must agree in writing.
    • The parent/legal guardian is responsible for monitoring student progress each quarter.

    Is a Student Eligible for a High School Diploma if They Have a Personal Curriculum?
    The board of a local school district or public school academy may award a diploma to a student who successfully completes a PC and other requirements of the MMC.