• Kids on the Block
    The "Kids" are a troupe of nearly-life-sized puppets, some with disabilities, some able-bodied, who dress and act like real children. The "Kids" use vivid, frank, and often humorous interactions with the audience members to help them understand a specific disability, and to accept the differences between them.

    During a performance, two different impairments or differences will be introduced in two separate skits. The puppet characters will answer audience questions at the end of each skit, and the puppeteers conduct follow-up activities after the performance. The total presentation takes approximately one hour.

    Each classroom teacher will be given a packet of follow-up activities to use with students to further enhance the program. We encourage teachers to prepare students for The Kids on the Block performance to enhance receptiveness and understanding. We appreciate each teachers attentiveness and interest during the performance.


    Our Kids on the Block program includes the following eight puppets:
    Renaldo A boy with a visual impairment
    Ellen Jane
    Ellen Jane A girl with a cognitive impairment
    Mark A boy with cerebral palsy
    Jennifer A girl with a learning disability
    David A boy with autism
    Mandy Mandy A girl with a hearing impairment
    The following are friends and peers of the puppets who represent the hearts and minds of the children in the audience.


    The kids