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    Learning - for a purpose - is the building block for a variety of creative careers in printing, communications, product design, and digital media.

    The Career Center’s Visual Communications program is made up of three classes that students rotate through:
    • Design
    • Digital Media
    • Print Technology
    You’ll explore each of these three classes before choosing a specialty area to focus on.

    Design - Traditional design work is the backbone of everything in Visual Communications.  The Design class shows the student how to think outside of the box when designing a product.  Students also focus on using various art media and tools to render their images and ideas.

    Digital Media - Computers and software make it possible to take your designs to print and publication in the digital world. Students learn how to manage workflow between software packages using image manipulation, color, and digital photography.

    Print Technology - Students learn how to operate and maintain a variety of print-based production equipment including offset presses, digital devices, screen printing, and bindery equipment.  The focus is on production of designed products while managing people and processes.

    More than 80 percent of the typical day in this classroom focuses on demonstrations and hands-on activities. The class takes field trips to creative companies and post-secondary visual communications programs. The successful student is typically creative and enjoys hands-on activities. This industry has opportunities no matter what a student's strength and interests are.