• Automotive Collision Repair

     Make it Shine!

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    Our students love cars. They learn to develop basic fundamental skills in shop safety, proper tool use, principles of damage diagnosis, and critical thinking. These skills lay the foundation for entry-level employment and satisfaction in a job well done. 

    Project involvement brings personal identification, commitment to the job, and the earned right to identify one’s self as a skilled mechanic. It also brings pride, ownership, and satisfaction in your trade. Jobs in the auto body industry can bring high wages, recognition, and positive regard.

    Once proficiency is demonstrated in the basic skills of the trade, students will be challenged to take on more involved tasks, such as sectioning, welding fenders, dent repair, and paint refinishing to make it shine.
    In this course, safety always comes first. Students will learn from demonstrations and develop safe and proper lab skills while creating individual and team projects.

    With over 250 million cars on the road, many of those will need some type of collision repair each year; thus, jobs in this field are expected to grow by nearly 20% in the future. Students completing this program will have a head start and an advantage over competing applicants.


    Success Indicators

    • Physically able to handle repetitive movement in dusty, noisy, confined environments 

    • Good employability skills: Present, punctual, prepared for class, pride in work and respectful of others 

    • Willing to learn the art and process of auto body by building skills from the basics to work that could be sold to a customer 

    • Able to read for information from textbooks, product labels, and automotive catalogs 

    • Ability to stay on task and work independently in the presence of noise and distractions from equipment and other workers 

    • Good problem solving skills and listening skills 

    • Solid basic Math skills: Add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, measurement and volume 

  • Instructor

    Justin Paquette
    (517) 768-5101    

    SP2 -- Safety Training
    Michigan Mechanical Collision Licensing Exam