• Automotive Technology

    Technology, Tools, and Hands-On!
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    Electronics and new technologies in the auto industry require more highly-trained technicians than ever before. Completing the Career Center's two-year program will prepare a student for an entry-level automotive technician position with the basic understanding of today's automobile. This program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Educational Foundation (NATEF) and is an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) training site. Certifications are currently available in brakes, front-end suspension, electrical/electronic systems, and heating/air-conditioning. Completers are able to take the Michigan Automotive Technician license test.
    As a certified training site, the Career Center maintains a high standard for teaching required skills, continually upgrades its tools and equipment, and integrates the latest technologies into the curriculum.
    First-year students learn basic auto service and safety. They spend part of their time in the classroom working on computerized training software and equipment, and learn proper use of automotive tools while working on assigned projects in the lab. Students have opportunities to visit various businesses in the industry.

    Second-year students have the opportunity to work toward ASE and Michigan Automotive Certifications in electrical, brakes, steering/suspension, and HVAC.

    While automotive students are generally self-motivated and are mechanically inclined, they need good math, reading, and science abilities to understand auto technology material and manuals. Students will enjoy time spent working on vehicles, but because cars have become more sophisticated, they can expect to spend a significant amount of time in the classroom and computer lab.