• In the Programming class, students will work both cooperatively and individually to create software, games, mobile apps, websites and smart gadgets (with Arduino). Students will use industry-standard languages (C#, SQL, Python, JavaScript, Java or C++) as they learn programming logic.

    First year students begin the year with guided instruction focusing on industry standard languages to create a solid programming foundation. Then students move into personal interest areas that are self-guided, project-based learning that focuses on exploring programming related topics.

    Second year students concentrate on taking their skills to the next level by working on special projects and developing leadership skills. They also have the opportunity to master two leading industry programming languages that will allow them to be successful in this career.

    Students that achieve success in this program are often good at story problems, brain-teasers, and number patterns. Successful students are very determined; it may take several tries to fix a programming error, but programmers do not give up easily! Previous “advanced” computer experience is not necessary.

  • Career Credentials & Certifications

    • MTA 98-361 Software Development Fundamentals: C#
    • MTA 98-364 Database Fundamentals: SQL
    • MTA 98-375 Application Developer Fundamentals
    • MTA 98-381 Introduction to Programming using Python
    • MTA 98-382 Introduction to Programming: JavaScript
    • MTA 98-383 Introduction to Programming: HTML & CSS