• Construction

    Build It!

  • site house The Construction program is recognized throughout the state as one of the most complete and best for preparing students to enter the construction trades workforce. The Construction program provides plenty of relevance to academic class work, hands-on training, and real-world experience. Students may elect to take Construction  in both their junior and senior years. First-year students will learn the basic carpentry skills from laying floors, framing walls, to building roofs. The lesson plans are designed to reinforce the basics following written instructions, reading blueprints, and taking accurate measurements.

    Students with proficient skills will have the option to work in the On-Site class and get hands-on experience in all aspects of building a house from framing to finish work running wires and pipes to hanging cabinets. Every 2-3 years, students in the On-Site class finish a large, modern residential home in the nearby Three Forty Farms subdivision and gain plenty of real-world experience in the process.  Students put their math, print reading, and safety skills learned in the classroom to the test. The work day usually starts in the On-Site classroom (construction trailer) with instruction and planning before moving over to work on the house. 

    Successful Construction program students have solid math skills with a good understanding of fractions, decimals, proportions, angles, etc. They usually enjoy physical activities, like to work with their hands, work well independently, can take direction, like to build and create, and take pride in their work.

    Career Center Construction program instructors keep close contact with industry leaders, so students may have apprenticeship or job opportunities available to them.
    Enrolling in the Career Center Construction program, you'll also find plenty of ways to apply what you learn in other classes at your local school. Sharpen your pencil and get ready to apply your math, physics, history, science and English classes on the job!  Click here to learn more about applying Relevance to your education!