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    The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model is a framework developed by leaders in health (the CDC) and education (ASCD). This model supports a collaborative approach to learning and health, builds off the model of Coordinated School Health and helps to look at students from a holistic perspective. Students are at the center of the Whole Child Model. The model responds to the need for greater alignment and integration of services and supports for students. The framework includes the following components: 

    • Physical Education and Physical Activity
    • Nutrition Environment and Services
    • Health Education
    • Mental Health and Social Services
    • Health Services
    • Social and Emotional Climate
    • Physical Environment
    • Employee Wellness
    • Health Education
    • Family Engagement
    • Community Involvement

     Visit the ASCD website to learn more!

 Janelle Buchler



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Janelle Buchler

School Health - Whole Child Consultant

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