• Cosmetology

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  • One of the Career Center's most popular programs - Cosmetology - gives students hands-on experience and helps them take the State Board Exam to become a licensed cosmetologist by the time they finish high school.

    The two-year program includes training and opportunities to work in the Career Center Cosmetology Salon. Besides hair styling and hair care, other areas covered include skin care, nail services, and artificial hair. 


    The class will take field trips to hair shows and area salons. Successful students in this class need excellent communication skills for client consultations, proficient math skills for mixing hair coloring formulas and necessary computer skills for keeping client records. Industry communication standards of professionalism are learned and maintained for student success in the program.




    The Styling Salon at the Jackson Area Career Center will open to the public for the 2018-2019 school year on Tuesday, October 2nd. 

    The Styling Salon hours are:
    Monday: CLOSED
    Tuesday: CLOSED
    Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:  12:30pm to 6:00pm
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    Call 990-6629 for an appointment