• Transition to Work

    Aim High!

  • The Transition to Work program at the Career Center prepares students with employability skills for entry-level jobs.

    This program is designed to assist the student who is in need of vocational training, but not quite ready for an intense, multi-skill program. The goals for students in this program are to learn necessary, basic work skills, and to begin involvement with work-based learning experiences.

    The career-focused instruction is further enhanced by community partnerships with local organizations in relevant fields such as retail, building maintenance, housekeeping, commercial laundry, food service, customer service, manufacturing and health care.

    The program’s business and industry partnerships allow students to receive on-the-job training while advancing his/her vocational goals. Students begin the program by spending time in the classroom learning the skills needed to be successful on the job. Once they’ve mastered the skills and are ready for a work experience outside of the classroom, students may have the opportunity to be placed on a job site.

    A summer work program, which is an extension of the Transition to Work program, may be available to students who are ready for additional work-based learning opportunities in the summer.

    Success Indicators

    • To enroll, special education teacher must utilize the Centralized Referral Process to review the IEP, Accommodations and Eligibility criteria. Student must visit and request to enroll in TTW.

    • Good attendance and wants to work

    • Ability to handle physically demanding work

    • Observation and problem solving skills

    • Interpersonal communication skills

    • Ability to follow directions and accept constructive feedback

    • Willingness to complete repetitive tasks (checklists) and work with industry standards

    • Ability to work as a team, as well as independently with minimal supervision when on a job site

    • Positive attitude

    • Ability to take initiative

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Transition to Work
  • Instructor

    Sydney Laughlin
    (517) 936-2829

    Light Maintenance
    Auto Detailing
    Customer Service
    Light Duty Manufacturing
    Food Service
    Spartan Chemical
    GCN Training
    Career site (OHSA)
    CPR/First Aid
    Basics of Food Safety