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    Health Program Overview

    The health field is the fastest growing occupational 
    industry today and is expected to continue to grow even more in the Dental Student future. There are numerous careers available in the health care industry for trained individuals. A student in the Career Centers Health Sciences program will gain skills that will be valuable in their post-secondary training and throughout their career.

    Students in Health Sciences are generally serious about academics, have good communications skills, are team-players who can work independently, are caring and compassionate, and look to continue in the health field with post-secondary studies. The Career Center has sent numerous students into the health field, including many on to college with scholarships.

    All of the health sciences classes teach foundational skills that include medical terminology, CPR, First Aid, anatomy, physiology, vital signs, patient care skills, ethics, OSHA health care standards, etc.  However, each class teaches these skills with a particular focus.
    Students in this class will explore the dental field, including dentistry, dental hygiene, and dental lab technician. The class will focus on specialized training to aid the dentist during examinations and dental procedures. It prepares the student for college should they decide to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene or Dentistry. In addition to the core curriculum, students learn to perform medical/dental office procedures, along with laboratory duties and selected chair-side patient care procedures. 
    The class is a combination of book work, academic topics, and hands-on laboratory skills. There are plenty of cooperative learning and teamwork activities in the classroom, which includes the latest in dental office equipment. The class visits elementary schools to deliver oral hygiene lessons, as well as dental specialty offices (orthodontists, oral surgeons, dental labs, etc.).

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  • Instructor

    Karen Bollheimer, RDH
    (517) 768-5154 


    First Aid
    CPR (Adult, Child and Infant)


    AED - Automated External Defibrillator