• Firefighting/EMS 
    Ready to Help! 
  • Fire StudentStudents in this program will learn the academics, physical skills, and employability skills to better prepare for a career in firefighting or emergency medical service (EMS) professions. In this class, students will learn the essentials of firefighting, including such topics as:

    • fire behavior;
    • personal protective equipment;
    • ropes and knots;
    • and ventilation. 



    Classroom study and hands-on activities will challenge the student both academically and physically. The ability to make quick decisions based on incident information is a skill all firefighters must possess. The curriculum is demanding as students are expected to meet the standards set by the Michigan State Firefighters Council. The rewards, however, are great, as students complete one of the most recognized firefighting courses in the state. 


    A typical day in the Firefighting class involves module work, lab skills, working, quizzes or tests. Students learn to work as a team while building self-discipline skills. Hands-on activities include learning to use breathing apparatus, ropes and knots, placement and ladder carries, operating fire extinguishers, search and rescue techniques, CPR and more. Students may participate in aerial ladder climbs with local fire departments, confined space rescue at the Jackson Fire Department training station, water rescues at a local high school pool, and/or visit the Summit Township Fire Department or Lansing Community College Fire Academy.


    The successful firefighting student has good communication and writing skills needed for interaction with the community and report writing. They are self-motivated, on-time, can follow directions, and like to work as a team. Students must understand firefighting is a high-risk career and come to class prepared to learn. Physical fitness training and a dress code are also a part of the program.