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    Health Students

    Health Sciences Program Overview
    The health field is the fastest growing occupational industry today and is expected to continue to grow even more in the future. There are numerous careers available in the health care industry for trained individuals. A student in the Career Center's Health Sciences program will gain skills that will be valuable in their post-secondary training and throughout their career.


    Students in Health Sciences are generally serious about academics, have good communications skills, are team-players who can work independently, are caring and compassionate, and look to continue in the health field with post-secondary studies. The Career Center has sent numerous students into the health field, including many on to college with scholarships.


    All of the health sciences classes teach foundational skills that include medical terminology, CPR, First Aid, anatomy, physiology, vital signs, patient care skills, ethics, OSHA health care standards, etc.  
    Health Technician I
    In this fundamental Health Technician I class, students will rotate through three classes: 
    • Biomedical Science- Students explore concepts of human medicine and research processes through a hands-on, project-based curriculum that enables students to investigate human body systems and various health conditions. Biomedical services encompasses many different medical and health care disciplines including biochemistry, biomedical, engineering, dentistry, forensics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, physiology, radiological sciences, and more.
    • Certified Nursing Assistant- This rotation of the class focuses on nursing and preparing students with a skill set to pursue a Michigan Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license.
    • Foundations- This class includes training in medical terminology, CPR, First Aid, anatomy, physiology, vital signs, patient care skills, ethics, OSHA health care standards, etc.
    This class is for those first-year students who want to explore a broader spectrum of health career options before making a decision to focus on one area of medicine. This is a one year class that leads to Health Technician II.


  • Instructors
    Holly Metheringham
    (517) 768-5283
    Joan Schiel
    (517) 990-6622
    Erin Hull
    (517) 990-6609

    First Aid
    AED - Automated External Defibrillator
    CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant