• Healthcare Technician I

    A Career in Caring!

  • The health field continues to grow quickly, and there are numerous careers available for trained professionals. A student enrolled here will gain skills and knowledge that will remain valuable in college and throughout their career. As part of the Healthcare Technician programs, students can also participate in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club and take part in local, regional, state, and national competitions.

    This course is provided in a rotation format:

    Biomedical Sciences

    Using computers, research, and presentation skills, students learn the processes, structures and interactions of body systems and how they work together. During this rotation, hands-on projects and dissections enable students to investigate body systems and a variety of health conditions.

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    The 40-plus patient care skills taught in this rotation prepare students to become successful nursing assistants, with the knowledge to function in a variety of healthcare settings. Students will participate in a clinical experience at an area nursing home (please note that transportation to and from the site is the students responsibility.) Upon successful completion of this rotation, students are eligible to take the CNA state exam.

    Healthcare Foundations

    Students in this class will explore and learn the fundamentals essential to becoming a healthcare professional. Topics will include infection control, safety precautions, legal and ethical considerations, and medical terminology. CPR and First Aid certification are also included in this rotation.

    Success Indicators

    • Strong academic ability in Science, Reading and Writing: able to read and locate information from textbooks and technical materials that are written at a college level, with an emphasis on science and medical terminology

    • Basic math skills: fractions, whole numbers, decimals, and measurement. No calculator computations permitted

    • Strong emphasis on employability skills: Good attendance, productive worker, follows safety rules, daily uniform requirements, positive patient-friendly attitude, and ability to work as a team in a medical environment

    • Demonstrate emotional stability, caring and empathetic attitude, good interpersonal communication skills

    • Self-directed, independent learner: Able to multi-task in a busy classroom/clinic environment

    • Performing hands-on medical skills and procedures is a requirement

    • Able to work independently on a computer based curriculum

    • Critical thinking and problem solving skills are needed as many assignments are on-line

    • GPA of 2.5 or higher is recommended

Health Tech students
  • Instructors
    Holly Metheringham
    (517) 768-5283
    Joan Schiel
    (517) 990-6622
    Erin Hull
    (517) 990-6609

    Baker College
    Davenport University
    Ferris State University
    Jackson College
    Washtenaw Community College
    Career Credentials & Certifications
    First Aid
    AED - Automated External Defibrillator
    CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant

    *Note: Must have transportation for clinical hours (4 days total) and must pass background check to be eligible for clinical hours