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    Health Program Overview

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    The health field is the fastest growing occupational industry today and is expected to continue to grow even more in the future. There are numerous careers available in the health care industry for trained individuals. A student in the Career Centers Health Sciences program will gain skills that will be valuable in their post-secondary training and throughout their career.


    Students who enroll in the Health Sciences program are generally serious about academics, have good communications skills, are team-players who can work independently, are caring and compassionate, and look to continue in the health field with post-secondary studies. The Career Center has sent numerous students into the health field, including many on to college with scholarships.


    All of the health sciences classes teach foundational skills that include medical terminology, CPR, First Aid, anatomy, physiology, vital signs, patient care skills, ethics, OSHA health care standards, etc.  However, each class teaches these skills with a particular focus.
    Health Technician II
    The pre-requisite to this class is Health Technician I.
    The Health Technician II class offers 2 choices for areas of study:
    1. Advanced Clinical Lab Skills/Patient Care Technician
    Students enhance their skills learning in Health Technician I and learn more advanced skills in EKG, Phlebotomy, and take the necessary coursework to complete the Patient Care Technician Certification. 
    Students learn skills that can provide a pathway for quick entry into the health field with a particular focus on medical offices and clinics. The class will explore such jobs as clinical medical assistant, administrative medical assistant, pharmacy assistant, EKG technician, and phlebotomist.
    Students will have simulated workplace scenarios, train on commonly-used medical office and laboratory equipment, and get experience with patient assessment, staple/suture removal, medication administration, sterile technique, vital signs, venipuncture, and much, much more! Students will explore community resources, learn clinical skills, and study the areas of health care required to work in this field. 
    2. Medical Terminology and Body Structure & Function 
    Students who choose this class will take college level Medical Terminology and Body Structure/Function taught from a college textbook. Taking this college level course while still in high school offers insight and a jumpstart on your college degree in a variety of medical programs. Our post-secondary partners have offered to give extra points at admission and articulated credit for students completing this class.  
    Both Health Technician II classes offer advantages of free college credit and hands-on learning for your plans after high school. 


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    Connie Vader
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    Amy Uphaus
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