• Healthcare Technician II

    Enhance Your Skills!
  • Students who return for a second year in Healthcare Technician II can either prepare themselves to enter the workforce directly, or enhance their college experience with more exploration in the healthcare industry.

    Second year classes are focused on advanced skills and are open to students who have successfully completed Healthcare Technician I or Dental Occupations. This course is offered in a rotation format.

    During each rotation, students will enhance their clinical skills using simulated workplace scenarios while training on commonly used medical office and laboratory equipment. Foundational concepts of critical thinking will be developed and strengthened, and interactive patient assessment simulations assist in categorizing normal and / or abnormal findings. Students will also gain experience with common medical procedures, medication administration, venipuncture (phlebotomy), EKG interpretation, and medical terminology.

    Rotations give students an in-depth look at the body, its structure and function—which supports understanding of how the body’s systems work together, how they are affected by disease processes, and how normal body functions are maintained.

    Eligible students will also have the option of an independent on-line course study to obtain a Pharmacy Technician certification (subject to instructor approval and eligibility criteria).

    Upon completion of the program, achieving students will be prepared to take the national credential exam to become a Patient Care Technician.

    Success Indicators

    Pre-requisite: Completion of Health Tech 1 with grade of 80% or higher

    • Employability skills: Excellent attendance, flexibility, able to work in groups and independently

    • Task planning, time management and organizational skills; average clerical skills; detail oriented

    • Curriculum for PCT includes: Body Structure & Function, Medical Terminology, Phlebotomy, EKG

    • Ability to take initiative and adapt to change

    • Ability to stand for long periods of time

    • Eager, highly motivated to complete moderately accelerated curriculum

    • Strong academic ability in Math and Science; Textbook and material is written at college level

    • Those interested and meet criteria can also take additional on-line Pharmacy Tech as an independent stu

Healthcare Technician II
  • Instructors

    Connie Vader
    (517) 990-6638
    Amy Uphaus
    (517) 990-8005


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    Baker College

    Davenport University

    Ferris State University

    Jackson College

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    Career Credentials & Certifications


    ECG Technician

    Patient Care Technician

    Pharmacy Technician (optional)