• Law Enforcement
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    Law Student

    The Career Center Law Enforcement class covers many aspects of criminal justice, including law enforcement, corrections, and dispatching. It also looks at issues such as ethics, community service, public communications, and public relations.


    Students in the class will gain the experience and knowledge to help them in college and/or a career in the criminal justice field. Students are required to complete designated modules as well as community service in order to finish the program. 


    A typical school day involves classroom instruction, computer-based research, and hands-on activities. Some activities include self-defense, handcuffing, crime scene processing, traffic stops, accident investigation, arrest techniques, report writing, and physical fitness.


    The class will take field trips to local courts, prisons, jails, youth homes, and often has various law enforcement professionals as guest speakers. Some students may have opportunities to job shadow with local criminal justice agencies. 


    Successful students usually have good English and writing skills, plus they enjoy physical activity. Typically, they are well organized, respect authority, follow direction, enjoy reading, working with the public, and performing community service. Honesty and ethics are key values. 


    Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to continue their education at the college level in pre-law, criminal justice or other public service fields. National 911 Dispatcher certification can be obtained through course work and testing.