• This program introduces students to the core areas of Sales and Marketing. The program will provide students the opportunity to develop their knowledge in the area of business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and management. Students will also be practicing traits that are required within a professional business setting. Sales & Marketing is a two-year program.

    First Year Students

    Students in their first year will learn about the fundamentals of Sales and Marketing. They will begin with the expectations of working in a professional office setting, followed by the business, marketing and sales training. Students will then have the choice of working at the Campus Corner school store, where they can dive deeper into product development, promotions, and operations management, or they can take part in our work-based learning program by finding a job working with customers.

    Second Year Students

    Students in their second year are the area managers of the Campus Corner school store. Student managers must have strong team leadership skills, as they are required to lead their first year employees, work together, and across shifts, to run a profitable business. Students develop leadership and organizational skills during this process.

    All students have the opportunity to compete in the marketing club, DECA, which can lead to college scholarships or free college credit for top performers.

  • Career Credentials & Certifications

    • National Retail Federation
      • Customer Service
      • Sales 
      • Marketing
    • Stukent - Digital Marketing
    • eFood Handlers