• Welding 

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  • weldingAlmost every area of manufacturing, maintenance, and construction uses welding technology to join two surfaces together. 

    Welding is an art, it is a science, and it is a precise, reliable, cost-effective, and high-tech method for joining materials. Most of the objects around us, from buildings to bridges, to vehicles, computers and medical devices, are welded


    Welding technology programs are becoming more comprehensive and scientific as new technologies like lasers, plasma arcs, and new materials are being developed. 

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    The Career Centers Automated Welding Technology class provides students with an opportunity to explore a wide variety of welding techniques for entry-level employment settings, as well as the knowledge, skills, safety, and professional behaviors necessary for competent performance as a welder or welding technician. 


    Students master basic skills by working on state-of-the-art equipment, including robotic welding. The curriculum covers most common welding and cutting processes, including:

    • Gas Metal, Shielded Metal, Gas Tungsten, and Flux Cored Arc welding    
    • Oxy-Fuel Welding, cutting and brazing
    • Manual Plasma Arc and CNC cutting

    Students who are successful in this program are creative, enjoy working with their hands, and are problem solvers with average math and reading skills.

    Success Indicators for Welding
    • Strong academic skills in Geometry and Algebra 
    • Able to read for information 
    • Good eye/hand coordination 
    • Critical thinking skills 
    • Strong employee skills: Good attitude, flexibility, reliability, follows safety procedures 
    • Able to work independently