The Jackson County Core Curriculum Collaborative Title

    What Participants are Saying:

    "Amazing collaboration and team effort. So much work getting accomplished." - ELA Group

    "The work time was great! It was nice to have time to research and find resources we can actually use!" - Math Group

    "Such an amazing group of teachers ~ all willing to share amazing ideas!" - ELA Group
    "Instructors were great and table talks were amazing." - Math Group


    The Jackson County Core Curriculum Collaborative (JC4) is one critical, complex component of a comprehensive Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).  Our JC4 definition of curriculum is the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process (not just a textbook or bought product).  Curriculum includes but is not limited to the interactions and integration of learning targets, instruction, assessment systems, data processes, non-instructional practices, resources (including textbooks), class dynamics and demographic contexts.  Our goal through the JC4 initiative is to enact effective, equitable instruction for all students.  This kind of instruction starts with establishing and implementing the learning targets.  Effective, equitable instruction includes teachers making intentional decisions about which general and content specific instructional strategies per students needs, classroom/school/district context and teacher knowledge. Effective, equitable instruction also includes understanding the ramifications of these critical decisions.  For example, if a critical learning target is not taught a student (or all the students in that class) would be at an inequitable disadvantage due to a teacher’s decision. This complex, large-scale, systems change work will take time and is difficult, but worth doing.


    Guiding Principles: 

    JC4 is guided by the following principles:   

    • The superintendents, JCISD, administrators and teachers of Jackson County are collectively responsible for providing students a robust, rigorous, viable curriculum inclusive of effective, equitable instruction.
    • Effective support for superintendents, administrators and teachers includes ongoing, differentiated and meaningful professional learning, feedback, and coaching.  
    • Systems change takes time and genuine investment to promote scaling up and sustainability of JC4.


    Common Points of Communication

    • Jackson County Core Curriculum Collaborative (JC4) was evolved from the 2016-2017 Learning Target Directive from Jackson County Superintendents and is now co-driven by the JC4 Core Team and the JSA.  Last year collaborating districts paid to join the learning target work.  Since the Learning Targets were not ‘delivered’ until this year, there will not be any additional cost to the district for participating this year.  
    • JC4 Core Team includes 2 curriculum/assessment experts, 2 math experts, 2 ela experts, 1 whole child expert and 1 special education expert.  (Tovah Sheldon, Dan Luciani, Heather Holshoe, William (Bill) Montgomery, Maeghan McCormick Sandy White, Janelle Buchler and Maureen Keene). JSA Sub-committee includes (Dan Funston, Geoff Bontrager, Cari Bushinski, Craig Raetz, Mike Smadja, Brady Cook, Steve Doerr, Randy Cook and Kevin Oxley).

    With just a few moments, you can hear and learn more about the launch of the JC4 initiative. The screencast features Tovah Sheldon, Director of Learning Services and Instruction, and Superintendent Kevin Oxley as they speak with local Superintendents to provide an overview of the JC4.


    Currently, we have approximately 115 K-12 math and ELA teachers from across Jackson County participating in 8 professional learning days between now and the next school year.  These teachers are innovative leaders collaborating to define equitable, effective instruction based on the best research, inclusive of state and national resources as well as honoring the years of professional expertise and wisdom they bring to the table.  We also have committed principal leaders learning how to enhance their instructional leadership by bringing this initiative to life in their buildings.  


    (Click above to open the SHARED GOOGLE FILE. Please do not move these documents, you may download OR make a copy!)

    *NOTE, within the supporting documents is a FULL RECORDING OF ONE OF THE INFORMATIONAL MEETINGS! It is labeled: JC4 Info Meeting Dec 2017.  Please let us know if it will not open for you.  It is approximately 50 minutes long.  The first half is one directional, but then we open it up for discussion.

    On December 1st & 4th the JC4 Core Team facilitated open meetings for superintendents, principals, curriculum directors and teacher leaders to learn about the JC4 Initiative. 

    During those meetings we:

    • Clarified the JC4's Large-Scale Goals 
    • Shared Detailed Plans Moving Forward (so that all districts in attendance can make better decisions and clear plans together as to their level of involvement)  
    • Identified specific responsibilities, roles, dates, flexibility, and expectations for each stakeholder
    • Discussed questions and openly talked through concerns inclusive of networking, brainstorming/questioning, and hearing your feedback!