Department of Instruction and Learning Services 

    The vision of the Department of Instruction and Learning Services Team is to work in partnership with the educational community and other community partners, providing support for continuous school improvement and a healthy school environment. Our department promotes educator and student growth both personally and academically using interdisciplinary approaches, evidenced-based practices, and data-driven decision making. 

    This department services local districts in areas such as: 
       Content Expectations
       Graduation Requirements
       School Improvement
       Math and Science
       Data Analysis
       Comprehensive Health Programming
       Early Childhood
       Pupil Auditing

    JCISD Learning Services are essential to working on school reform, as staff assist with School Improvement Plan development and implementation, and support the implementation of Common Core Standards (K-12) in local schools. 

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    For more information, contact

    Tovah Sheldon
    Director of Learning Services and Instruction
    517-990-3612 / tovah.sheldon@jcisd.org