• Jackson County schools, businesses, organizations, and service agencies have joined together to help our students and families build the connections between education and employment.

    What is C2C Network?
    Jackson County Cradle to Career (C2C) is the network of education and community leaders working together to achieve common goals in education. It is the community-wide, collaborative effort to address the social, financial and academic barriers to student success, from early childhood through adulthood.  C2C is a network, not a program or initiativeit is coordinated, purposeful connections between schools, businesses, community resources and people to improve our education outcomes.

    How Does C2C Work?
    C2C uses a Collective Impact model to bring people together in a structured way to achieve social change. Within this model, educators and community leaders work together toward clearly defined goals by building collaborative relationships, reinforcing each other’s efforts and tracking progress with proven data. The work of the network is managed by a coordinator and overseen by the C2C Coordinating Council. Funding to support C2C is provided by the Michigan College Access Network and local funds.

    Who is Involved?
    C2C includes schools, colleges, government, business, economic development, volunteers, nonprofit organizations, social services, students, families, and community leaders from across Jackson County. All community members are welcome to participate in C2C. 

    What are we Doing?
    C2C collaboration is emerging in Jackson in many ways. Schools and organizations are working together to improve access to resources, information and training for students and families. Educators are better connected to resources for themselves and for their students. Community volunteers are serving as literacy mentors in schools. College advisors are helping students overcome the academic, social and financial barriers to obtaining higher education. Local agencies and businesses are working together to provide hands-on opportunities for students to explore potential careers. The community is recognizing the value of both college and postsecondary skilled trades as viable paths to successful employment. 

    C2C needs everyone's involvement. To find out how you can help, contact the C2C Coordinator, Irene LeCrone at 517-787-1321 or ilecrone.c2c@jacksoncf.org.


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