• Working together, Jackson County strives for the following goals through C2C: 
    The C2C network is committed to connecting quality, lifelong education to successful employment by ensuring that all individuals… 
    • Make the connection between learning and success 
    • Receive the support they need to feel hopeful for the future and motivated for academic success
    • Acquire the critical skills and education needed for successful careers
    • Aspire to lifelong learning 
    As  a measure of our progress, C2C is committed to ensuring that 60 percent of all Jackson County residents have a post-secondary degree or valuable credential by 2025.
    Action Teams Drive C2C Strategies
    C2C will work to achieve these goals utilizing five Action Teams:
    Early Childhood / Great Start Collaborative, Elementary School Action Team, Middle School Action Team, High School Action Team, and Post-Secondary Action Team.

    Action Teams meet monthly to examine local data, determine the obstacles to student success, analyze root causes, identify objectives and strategies to overcome these barriers, set goals, and establish metrics to track progress. They focus on several key “levers for change”: parent/guardian engagement, business and community engagement, college and career readiness, curriculum alignment, and access to technology and resources.

    Where Can I Learn More? 
    Reach out to C2C Coordinator Irene LeCrone to learn more or visit any one of the Action Team meetings that interest you!