• Networking and Cyber Security

  • CIS

    Students in Networking and Cyber Security will set up computer networks and prepare for various computer technician certifications. Special emphasis is also placed on the latest cyber-security protocols and the prevention of computer hacking.

    This class participates in student organization leadership events with Cyber Patriot. Students in this class are often interested in computers and cyber-based technologies – what makes them work and how can they can be made better. Students should be creative and adept, as they will work to understand networking concepts and cyber-security strategies and students will also be enthusiastic team players.

    Success Indicators
    • Speaking skills: good eye contact, a varied vocabulary and the ability to tailor your language to suit your audience are all essential characteristics of an artful speaker

    • Confidence in decision making: the key is to make sure that your decisions are thought out and reasoned. Be confident in your judgment and believe in yourself to get things right accountability; everyone makes mistakes. Putting yourself in the firing line is the mark of a person who wants to achieve great things and is prepared to be scrutinized

    • A positive attitude: if you can cultivate a positive outlook, you will encourage others to be more positive

    • Self-presentation: the way you look also enhances the way you feel about yourself, making you more confident

    • Time management skills: your work will be of better quality and you will be entrusted with increased responsibility. It will also afford you additional leisure time. It is a key element to success and well worth practicing. This means overcoming procrastination, setting goals that are challenging (but realistic) and trying to use your time efficiently

    • Academics: good to excellent math and English skills

  • Instructor 
    Bill Farrant

    • Baker College
    • Davenport University
    • Jackson College 
    • Washtenaw Community College
    Career Credentials & Certifications
    • Comp TIA:  Network+, Security+, PENTEST+
    • CISCO:   CCENT, CCNA, CCNA Security
    • FANUC C.E.R.T.
    • National Instruments LabView CLAD
    • Expert Rating:  Many opportunities available