Career Planning

  •  Career Services

    Many who visit the CCAC are seeking career services. Our advisors are able to assist those who are seeking certification, working toward the development of new skills, or entering a completely new career. We are also able to refer those who are re-entering the workforce to agencies and organization that can put them back to work.

    There are many resources that are dedicated to helping individuals along their pathway to a successful career. The links below are a good start in the search for career services. Be sure to visit each of the sections on this site that provide valuable career information: Mat², Skilled Trades, Military, Michigan Works! Southeast, and Job Corps.

    Service Providers

    If you are interested in pursuing work-based activities for your student, consider the following service providers:

                    GSHM    JACC  JDL    JAMA             JA  MWSE  Shop Rat   Y

     Other Useful Resources

                         COS DOL  Exploring ETT  

             PMTC     JC   o net      Going Pro                 MCPA